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Diatribe: Pastor Kevin Swanson Says The Gays And Abortions Caused Sandy.


In a previous Diatribe about folks blaming earthquakes, hurricanes and Tsunamis on American’s increasing tolerance and acceptance of their homosexual neighbors I tried to rationalize that, perhaps, it’s natural for people to search for something or someone to assign blame when disaster strikes.  Unfortunately, I can’t rationalize the insane ramblings of someone like Christian Radio Host, Pastor Kevin Swanson.

I suppose it was just a matter of time, following Hurricane Sandy, before someone like Swanson jumped on the “blame the gays” bandwagon in order to extend his fifteen minutes of fame.

The hurricanes of the last ten years are four times worse than the hurricanes of the 1990s and twelve times worse of the hurricanes of the 70s and 80s, now this is interesting because I would say that the United States has not been honoring God very much, am I out on a limb here?  The United States of America is more pro-abortion than ever before, certainly is funding more abortions than ever before; the United States is far more homosexual than it was in the 1990s, I mean there are hundreds of times more high school homosexual clubs and programs, and you’ve got California bringing all their pro-homosexual indoctrination into public schools.  This stuff was not happening in the 1980s and 1990s, it’s happening now, it’s been happening for the last twelve years.  America is not doing well in the macro-culture, okay?  There is a God in the heavens and in the past, sins like homosexuality and the shedding of innocent blood have really irritated Him.” – Christian Radio Host, Pastor Kevin Swanson, as quoted by Right Wing Watch.

Apparently, Pastor Swanson also says that Christians should be wary of donating to disaster relief agencies because that money could possibly be used to rebuild a Planned Parenthood clinic somewhere.  He’s the same man that called for the death penalty for Kermit The Frog after The Muppets ended their partnership agreement with Chick-Fil-A.

While I certainly respect and admire his religious convictions, and he’s entitled to his opinions, I also wish he’d think before he talks.  Unfortunately, people listen to his ramblings and take his words as truth … he is a “Pastor” after all … so he must be right, no?

I also find it strange that someone who believes that gay people can cause hurricanes doesn’t believe in global warming, equality for all citizens or a woman’s right to choose to have a safe abortion.

In my book, Christians who judge as much this man aren’t Christians at all.

Do YOU think the gays caused Hurricane Sandy?

UPDATE 11/16/12 – Pastor Swanson makes an even bigger fool of himself by saying “Americans just love to kill kids” and “what women really care about is the ability to kill their children.”


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  1. maryisidra permalink

    But of course they did 😉 While I do my best to respect all peoples opinions this so called pastor is so far out there it boggles my tiny mind. In truth,all of my friends have huge hearts and souls and would not wish sandy on their worst enemies. More than one is donating time/money to help out those people affected by this disaster..


  2. It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with climate change, or the fact that we have completely overdeveloped places like BARRIER islands and wetlands that naturally serve to absorb the effects of storms like this. No, blame it on gay people… Ugh! Absolutely asinine.


  3. “While I certainly respect and admire his religious convictions…”

    well _stop_ that!


  4. Knew this stuff would come up. I mentioned it before our power went out. Sadly, I was once in the company of people who think this way. I think it’s hard for some people to face the fact that our life support system (all that is natural) is not as stable as they wish it to be. Maybe it gives them some comfort to believe there are reasons for nature, both the life and the death of it, rather then to believe that the cycle of life just happens.


  5. It is getting so difficult to keep track of all the assholes in the world, isn’t it? This one will certainly go on my list.


  6. Barneysday permalink

    Sounds like Pat Robertson and some of the other far right, “christian” wacko’s. Its the word “christian” that boggles my mind. Guys like Swanson couldn’t be further away from the meaning.


  7. The sad thing is, there are clearly enough people surrounding this guy with the same beliefs that he feels compelled to say these things. Scary.


  8. People like Kevin Swanson and their ignorant ramblings are exactly why I stopped following a formal religion and sitting inside a building to worship. I find my God in everyday places around me, and suffer hypocrites poorly. I was reading this post with my mouth hanging open in disbelief, and just shaking my head sadly. Your comments and insight are so on target…and provide balance for the idiot statements like Kevin Swanson’s. Sad that people believe him.


  9. As an old fart, the thing that I detest most is bigotry from the pulpit. If you scroll back to the Jim Crow era, you could easily find white ministers who could find words in their Bible who would say Black and White Americans were different and denigrate and promote hatred. These bigoted ministers were eventually drowned out on this issue. The LGBT issue is no different. When religion is inclusive and all our welcome, it is a wonderful thing. When it is exlcusive and denigrating it is the worst of things. Here is one question for him – since two hurricanes have caused the GOP to delay their last two conventions (one in Minnesota no less), should I interpret that to mean God does not want them to meet? Thanks for the post. BTG


  10. Reblogged this on Susan G.Bonella.


  11. I caused Sandy, but sorry my aim was off. I was aiming for Utah…


  12. Pastor Kevin certainly has a right to free speech, but I find his theology downright deplorable. I’m sorry folks like him create an air of intolerance that makes folks think all Christians are narrow-minded, hypocritical, and judgmental. Ugh.


  13. Josh Powers permalink

    Please email your comments to Kevin Swanson at: or call him at: (303) 520-8814.


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