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Diatribe: Hitting A Skunk With A Car.


The garage in our house has two doors.  We haven’t used one of them for years, because our second vehicle has been a truck that’s too large to fit inside, and so half the garage has slowly became a storage area.  Then, just last week, we bought a car.

We were really excited to be able to use the second half of our garage again and worked for days to clean it out, straighten and sweep so that we could comfortably park the new car indoors.  Unfortunately, the electric garage door opener that had been installed years ago was no longer functioning properly.  So I bought a new one and set about installing it.

I couldn’t get it to work.  I spent hours and hours trying to set the up limits and down limits but to no avail.  Eventually, it was time to call a professional.  The ceiling in our garage has plumbing and other duct work in the way but the installer knew exactly what to do.  In no time, we had a functioning garage door opener and we could finally park the car inside without having to open and close the door manually and without locking it.

We washed the car and were excited to use the new opener when we returned from the theater.  But, on the way home, we hit a skunk in the road.  It must have been a monster skunk because the stench was worse than any skunk … ever.

Our freshly washed car smelled so bad that there was no way we could park it in the garage without the stench penetrating our entire home.  So, after sweeping and cleaning, wrestling with the garage door opener, paying for a professional installation, washing and waxing the car, we had to park it outside!

Tonight, after two additional car washes, the car remains parked in the driveway while our clean garage is empty and the door remains unopened.

I’m afraid the smell will never go away.

Have you ever hit a skunk with your car?  If so, how did you make the smell go away?!


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  1. maryisidra permalink

    I so feel your pain. Those cute little pepes STINK.. Try a spray bottle with full strength vinegar for the under parts of engine…Also get the strongest tire cleaner they make.Be sure and get it on all of your tire. Good luck…


  2. Amazing how much those things can ruin the air. LOVE how you wrote the story, btw. Sucks about the stink, I know there is ways to get rid of it, but don’t know it, so you can probably just google it and see.


    • Apparently, there is a product sold in pet stores that’s intended to remove the smell from dogs after they get into fights with skunks. We’re going to investigate ASAP.


  3. Loved the story, but have never come across a skunk in London, so can’t give any advice at all. Funny enough, I would love to smell what these creatures smell like as I’m real curious. What a post, 🙂


    • Imagine the most awful foul-smelling item that you’ve ever encountered in your life and multiply it one-thousand-fold. The stench of skunk is like no other.


  4. A friend in grad school hit a skunk and was able to claim it on his insurance – the car was totaled!

    I would look into professional cleaning ASAP because the smell will seep into parts of the car that are unreachable and treatable.

    We have another Nor’Easter coming tomorrow and they are doing evacuations already. Maybe you should come and park your car down here?


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