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Diatribe: Too Darned Many Pillows On The Bed!


We’re in the process of redecorating a guest bedroom and one of the things that is giving us the biggest headache is the purchasing of new bedding.  For me, I’d be fine with a nice set of sheets, a blanket, a comforter and a couple of pillows.  I guess I’m more interested in “functional bedding”.  This functional bedding, however, is not particularly attractive to look at.  And, since this is a guest room that will go unused for the majority of the time, we want it to look nice.

Our research has taught us that there are many ways to go about selecting and purchasing decorative bedding.  However, it appears that the most economical method is the purchase of a Bed-in-a-Bag.  Many stores sell these sets that, usually, include a comforter, two pillow shams, a bed skirt and several decorative throw pillows.  They come in many styles, colors and sizes so the “decoratively challenged” are certain to choose items that are somewhat coordinated.  The problem that I have, aside from many of them being downright ugly, is the pillows.

Once assembled, some of these sets have as many as eleven pillows!  I think this is a complete nuisance.  Our guest room isn’t tiny but it’s also not particularly spacious.  Personally, as a guest in someone else’s home, I like to have room to set my suitcase, a place to plug in my electronics and enough space to maneuver my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night without bruising my shins.  If there are two people sleeping in a bed that is decorated with eleven pillows, this means there needs to be room to store nine pillows while you sleep!

It appears to me that they stuff the bag with as much inexpensive items as they can in order to present the appearance of value.  If more items are included for the same price as the competitor, manufacturers want us to believe that we’re getting more for our money.  I firmly believe, however, that “you get what you pay for” and it’s certainly apparent in the bedding industry.

We’ll probably end up buying quite a few pillows.  Perhaps we won’t use them all, but I’m sure it will look nice.  And when company comes, I’ll just hide a few.  And I’ll probably throw the throw pillows.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    As with everything in life “moderation” is the key…


  2. anon. permalink

    I sleep with 2 every night, always have. More than that is too many for me!


  3. It must have been a while since I purchased new bedding. I also purchase bed-in-a-bag often but I have only ever received 2 sham pillow cases in my “bag.”


  4. I voted no but I require two pillows, not one, and two doggies.

    Where the heck do you put all those extra pillows anyway? I have a hard enough time making the bed but with all those pillows you now expect me to unmake the bed before I can sleep in it?


  5. We just had this exact conversation. We simply wanted a new comforter for our bedroom. We have plenty of sheets and a bed skirt. It was nearly impossible to find a comforter being sold by itself. They all came in those bags with tons of extra pillows.


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