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Ovation: Illinois Man Cleans His Desk And Wins A Million Dollars.


I like to think that every house has a “junk drawer”, a catch-all place for odds and ends left lying about or for which there is no dedicated storage space.  We like to perpetuate the illusion that we are neat and organized so I often employ the “shove it in here because there’s room” technique.  Consequently, our home contains many “junk drawers”.  Somehow, in my mind, a drawer is more of a hiding space than a storage area.  There’s rarely anything setting on top of the dresser in the bedroom, but you can bet a week’s wages that the top drawer is filled with more than socks.

Eventually, I’m certain that all of the drawers in our kitchen will hold an assortment of spatulas, batteries, screw drivers, dog brushes and silverware.  Surprisingly, when we need something, more often than not, we remember exactly where we put it and can find it right away.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case and some items cannot be found until the day after they are replaced.  (I find that this happens often with Crazy Glue.)

One thing that I will never misplace, however, is a lottery ticket.  Never.

Ron Yurcus of Glen Ellyn, Illinois, was recently making room on his desk when he stumbled across a Powerball lottery ticket that was worth one million dollars.  He had purchased the ticket from a gas station two months ago and, apparently, forgotten about it.

“About twelve tickets had accumulated on my desk and I decided to tidy up to make room for my new computer.  I checked the numbers on the Illinois Lottery website and realized I won $1 million in the August 22 drawing.  As soon as my wife came home I asked her to double-check the ticket.” – Ron Yurcus

Yurcus, and his wife Kathleen, plan to travel and spread the wealth, giving to various charities.

Learning of this windfall is almost enough to motivate me to clean out some drawers.  I’m certain that there are no winning lottery tickets among the odds and ends but I could certainly find treasures of another kind.

Does your house have more than one junk drawer?  Do you think there might be a lottery ticket tucked away that needs to be inspected?


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  1. I’m going to spend the day looking ….


  2. Anonymous permalink

    I have one big junk drawer. It is called. …the garage !!!!


    • Oh no! That’s worse than us!! You hear stories like that pretty often or the ones that there’s contention about whether or not someone paid and entire workplaces fighting When I work at a place that buys lottery tickers, I play, too .for the same reason..what if everyone wins the big one and i’m the one who didn’t buy a ticket?


  3. Anonymous permalink

    The Big Bang Video.
    That one is so much fun. Sunny1


  4. That is a little better than coins in the couch cushion!!! Have a great one, BTG


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