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Ovation: Powerball!


Many years ago, I lived in a very small, rural, community in an area that was quite remote.  My commute to work every morning was at least an hour’s drive and groceries were generally purchased on the way home from “the city”.  There was no such thing  as “going out to eat” because a trip to the nearest restaurant was quite an outing.  For quick trip emergencies for essentials like bread or milk, we would drive to a small market that was just past the state line.  These trip had to be real emergencies as the state-line market was always a mad house.

Because, you see, the neighboring state did not charge sales tax on cigarettes and they sold lottery tickets.

Folks from my state would drive long distances to buy cases of cigarettes and “scratch off” lottery tickets and, when multi-state jackpots grew to record sizes, there would be cars parked along either side of the road near the market and customers would stand in lines around the building.

After no players matched all six winning numbers in Wednesday night’s drawing, tonight’s Powerball jackpot is expected to exceed $325 million.  Most states, including mine, now participate in the multi-state lotteries.  Still, I’m certain that little store on the state line will still have a line around the building.  After all, you can’t win if you don’t have a ticket.

Will you be holding a ticket when tonight’s Powerball numbers are drawn?


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  1. I’ve got it. The winning ticket. You’ll have to wait until next time. Sorry! Well, not terribly sorry …


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