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Diatribe: Does TVGuardian Help Lazy Parents Censor Their Family’s Entertainment?


TVG_LogoI get it.  Some people are offended by what they see on television and in the movies.  We’re all, frequently, offended by something.  Anne Coulter and road rage come to mind.  Most of us learn to avoid the things that make us angry because being angry doesn’t feel good.  The angry folks at One Million Moms no longer have to worry about supervising their children’s television and movie watching because the TVGuardian has hit the market.

Have you ever been watching what you thought was a good, clean, family movie…only to be ambushed by crude, offensive language? Ever heard God’s name used in vain or Jesus’ name as a cuss word on TV? The leading cable and satellite providers in America KNOW that families and people of faith don’t want obscene language on TV…yet they continue to do NOTHING about it. Now there’s a way YOU can take control over the language in your home: TVGuardian, the only foul language filter available for TV today. TVGuardian is a small box you connect to your TV and it automatically filters out foul language…crude language…sexual language…racial slurs…even God’s name in vain and Jesus’ name used as a cussword!

Does this seem like an old Ronco advertisement or a spoof from Saturday Night Live?  Well, it’s not.  The makers of TVGuardian appear to believe that they have the right to censor copyrighted television programs and movies at their discretion.  For approximately one hundred dollars per television, parents can fool themselves into believing that their children won’t hear what they consider to be “bad” words.

I understand a parent’s desire to maintain their child’s innocence for as long as possible.  But a fantasy world without bad words doesn’t exist.  And movies with dialogue removed from them don’t make sense.  If you don’t want your kids to watch television, don’t have a television.  If you don’t want your kids to hear the language found in movies, don’t let them watch movies.  Sure, they’ll become social outcasts among their peers, only able to relate to other children raised in similar nonsensical social bubbles, but at least they won’t hear a “bad” word, right?  What about violent action?  Gunplay?  Or <gasp> nudity?  Is someone working on a device to censor that, too?

The televisions at my house have power switches and I’m not afraid to use them.  I don’t need a mass-produced product to tell me what words are appropriate for my family to hear.  I’m not lazy.  I’ll make that decision myself.  My children have been taught and understand that hearing a bad word and saying a bad word are two different things.

Would you ever buy a TVGuardian?


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  1. I’m a great believer in the social bubble and avoiding exposure to bad TV as long as possible. Since I’ve never watched much TV, that was easy.

    I think “bleeping” out the “bad” words is ridiculous and annoying. I switch off any radio station that does this, for example, and I’m not a fan of the concept. If you’re gonna play the song, then play the song. I feel the same way about TV shows and movies. If you’re gonna let them watch it, then let them watch it. IDK how this device works, but when they “bleep” out words on TVtv, we can always tell what the word was.

    I was always much more concerned about violence than language, anyway.


    • I’m with you! Nobody should censor what I hear except me! If you don’t want your child to hear pop music, turn off your radio. If you don’t want them to hear bad words in movies, stick to those rated “G”. Or, Heaven forbid, read them a book.

      I wish more parents place more importance on the violence their children witness than on the language they hear. I find it preposterous that some parents proudly let their children run around the park shooting at each other, pretending to blow things up and kill things, but yet they get all worked up over a little bit of nudity or a few curse words.


  2. Terry permalink

    Jesus Christ, what will the fucking fundamentalists come up with next?


  3. The Guardian does go farther than the VChip and cable/satellite boxes but none of this technology can replace the guidance of a parent or how to put things into context. Also, like controls for the internet, good information will also get blocked and from what I’ve seen, the 700 Club is likely to have a lot of it’s programing blocked too.


  4. I think this product is just an easy way out for dealing with this situation. As you said, it is easy to find things offensive and what is offensive is different for each person. Instead of trying to avoid everything that might possibly be offensive, why not teach children why you find something offensive? It is a much more valuable lesson.


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