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Ovation: GUEST POST! Tips For Filing A Car Insurance Claim.


GuestBloggerWhen you buy a new car there will be added expenses. You need pay for maintenance and operating cost. However, there is the chance of unexpected situations that may damage your vehicle. One of the best ways to deal with all those circumstances is to have car insurance. Having a good car insurance coverage will protect you from the bulky expenses in case of unforeseen situations.

The procedure involved in car insurance claims is …

  • Contact your insurance lender or the company in case of accidents.
  • Take guidance from the lender to file the insurance claim. Ask for the kind of documents required to support the claim.
  • You may require the proof of loss form or the necessary documents that are required to file the claim such as medical bills, car repair bills, police report etc. Give the necessary documents that are essential for filing a claim by the insurer.
  • Keep a track of all the accident expenses which will be paid under your claim policy.
  • Keep a copy of documents that will be required for further reference.

insuranceIn case of accidents you should immediately contact the police and should notify the nearest hospital. Give the necessary information that is needed for filing a complaint to safeguard your car from damages. A successful claim will help you to get back the amount from the insurance company in case of accidents or theft. Some of the tips for filing a car insurance claim are

  • Check your policy: Before making a claim, go through the insurance policy. This helps you to identify the basic rules and regulations involved in the policy. Further you should ensure that the policy will protect your family members.
  • Make your claim as soon as possible on the same day of the accident. Doing so will help you to file all the important details without leaving anything.
  • Your application may be misplaced at any point of time. So it’s better to have a particular case number which help the insurance company to find your details in a simple and easy manner. You should also remember the name of the person who helps in making a claim for further reference.
  • You need to produce all the necessary details to the insurance company to file a claim. Photos of your car, medical bills, repair costs, identification information etc. Should be provided for further action.
  • Select the best repair shop that interests you. Don’t take the help of the insurance company in choosing the right shop. Because they may select expensive repair shop. If repair costs are not covered in the policy then you will be under greater risk. So make your own decisions.
  • The insurance company will estimate the rate of financial cost by comparing your car model and repairs. Sometimes the rate estimated may be arbitrary, so you need do some research to find the exact cost.

Making a car insurance claim is not an easy task. It’s always better to claim as soon as possible than delaying it. The above tips will help you in making a successful claim and helps you receive the most of the pay covered under your policy.

About the Author:

This guest post is contributed by Zara, financial guest blogger. At present she is focusing on ppi claims . catch her @financeport


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  1. Dull as dishwater. Like explaining how doorknobs work. Not up to your usual standards. Anyone who NEEDS this information probably already has a full-time caretaker.


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