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Diatribe: GUEST POST! Judge Rules California Paparazzi Law Unconstitutional!


GuestBloggerBad news for Celebs!

As per TMZ, a judge in the car chase of Justin Bieber has ruled the California paparazzi law as unconstitutional, in the month of November. Can’t the Celebs enjoy a little privacy? Can’t they defend themselves from the paparazzi anywhere and everywhere? Recently Justin thought to try the anti-paparazzi law passed by the state of California, and it failed.

The law was introduced in way back 2010, in order to punish the paparazzi’s chasing the celebrities while they drive dangerously. Justin called for the 911 in July 2012, saying that he was being chased by paparazzi.

The judge who was hearing the case of the photographer Paul Raef, who chased Justin in the month of July on an LA freeway, was charged with four crimes. These include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Disobeying a peace officer
  • Following another vehicle closely and recklessly
  • Intended to capture picture for profit

The judge tossed out two of the complaints and the counts were based on the new paparazzi law. The previous governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the old law, and now it stands valueless. The attorney in defense of Paul fought on the ground saying that, the law was problematic and suppresses all the legitimate activities by the media.

paparazziThe trial judge is handling the case, but if Los Angeles City Attorney agrees the ruling, then it could have a strong impact and will pull out a strong defense guard against the tint activities of the paparazzi’s.

The judge is of the suggestion that if the commercial photogs are banned from rushing to their jobs, then how can media work? Commercial photogs includes wedding photographers, real estate agents and as per this law they punishable if their appointment included a celebrity, even if they are not chasing the one.

Now a serious question, that you cannot ignore, say from next time, if paparazzi chasing a celebrity while they drive recklessly and he or she commits a run over, who will be blamed for it? On the other hand, if the paparazzi do the run over for instance, will they escape the punishment?

Consider the case of Princess Diana, why and at what instance the paparazzi chased her to death? If they are Celebs, we can’t stake their privacy for your own profits. The decision has still not gain any firm foothold and Raef is still not off the hook. However, it is seriously going to offend the Celebs who are tired of the paparazzi chase.

This major dropdown by the California State law was disheartening for Justin Bieber, as he is moving through a fresh break up with Selena Gomez, he will not welcome the decision of the court. The LA Times reported that the singer was driving a Ferrari at 100 mph and made an unsafe left hand turn and that too when he was being followed by those greedy paparazzi’s. Justin has not yet commented on the court decision.

It is true that the law is a common sense one as it will help to protect citizens from high speeds chasing cars. But, whom to blame, if the Celebs speeds up their vehicle during a paparazzi hunt! The Celeb or the paparazzi?

It may be my personal view, but you can’t bend someone to commit nuisance that they don’t bound to do, and making this law passed in favor of paparazzi’s, will wash them off the criminal offences from next time.

Author’s Bio: Kylie Houston, loves to write on celebrity gossips, she is a freelance blogger and her articles are toast for all gossip lovers. She also tells how one can get the best deals on dish networks to enjoy TV shows at a comfortable price.


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  1. Sorry, only speak English. I think she wrote something, but I’m now sure what. Did she pay to advertise? The Dish Network thing came through clear.


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