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Ovation: A Boy Who Hosted A Toy Drive Instead Of A Birthday Party.


Chase_BranscumI’m going to a Christmas party on Saturday night where guests have been asked to bring a toy to donate at the door.  I’ve participated programs like this before so I know that the toy I bring should remain unwrapped.  Supposedly, by being unwrapped the gifts can be sorted and distributed accordingly by age group, etc.  In the spirit of giving, I think this is a really nice idea and I applaud the party’s hosts for thinking about it.  I can’t wait to see how many toys are collected.

I doubt, however, that we’ll collect as many toys as Chase Branscum of Owasso, Oklahoma who this week received more than five hundred gifts for his birthday and has donated them all to charity.  Refusing to keep even a single gift, Chase chose to hold a toy drive instead of a typical birthday party.

“I already have toys and other kids don’t … They can’t play and they can’t have fun.” – Chase Branscum, 8.

Chase donated his birthday presents to the Owasso chapter of Toys for Tots, a charity that gives out new toys to less fortunate children during the holiday season.

“He has a wonderful heart.  You want to raise your child to be generous and to think of someone other than themselves.  Him doing this was a gift to me.” – Tiffany Rowe, Chase Branscum’s mother

More than one hundred guests showed up for his party which was held in a local church gymnasium and a local laser tag business got involved with the benefit party after learning of Chase’s generous plan.  Children in attendance got to play laser tag, eat snacks and play other games.

The event I’ll be attending on Saturday will also feature a “Dirty Santa Exchange” so all the guests will actually be bringing two gifts.  I sure hope nobody mixes them up!


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  1. This gives people hope in the future. Thanks for sharing, BTG


  2. This gives me hope that we are not just raising a generation of mass murderers as evidenced by the school shooting this morning. Does this mother give parenting lessons? Maybe she & her son could do a speaking tour?


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