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Diatribe: Giant Rubber Duck Obstructs London Traffic.


LondonDuck1My hometown has a history of, among many other things, quarrying.  By the mid-19th century, limestone quarrying took over as the main economic fact and sustained the town’s growth.  Limestone from the area was used to build many buildings in the region that are considered historic to this day.  Part of the success of the quarry industry related to the location of the town alongside both a river and a canal.  The canal connected New York via the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River and then to New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico.

Needless to say, with canals and rivers in close proximity, there were many bridges.  Some of the bridges in the area were draw bridges and would open to allow tug boats to push barges along their journey.  Erstwhile attempts were made to time the opening and closing of the draw bridges so that they caused the least amount of traffic problems.  It was frustrating to get caught by a bridge and have to wait in your car until the road opened.  It came with the territory.


Drawbridges are also a fact of life in London, opening and closing for a variety of reasons including, apparently, giant 50-foot rubber ducks.

Recently, the Tower Bridge was forced to open for a giant 50-foot rubber duck floating down the Thames.  The appearance of the huge duck left many Londoners very confused.  The floating fowl turned out to be a bit of a publicity stunt from to celebrate the launch of a Facebook FUNdation.

“It’s our mission to combat the current happiness recession by getting you and the rest of GB off the sofa and having fun!” – Jackpotjoy FUNdation

LondonDuck4Jackpotjoy is rated one of the United Kingdom’s most popular instant win and online bingo sites offering over ninety games to play including free-to-play daily games.

All good, clean fun, I suppose … unless you find yourself sitting in traffic waiting for a bridge to close behind an enormous rubber duck!  I never had to wait for anything other than a barge!


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  1. I thought it might have been Kate’s first baby gift.


  2. Talk about Scrooge McDuck! This is a fun event (as intended) that received worldwide attention. Bridge closures are announced in advance (and don’y last too long anyway) and this one surely would have been known. I think the extra traffic from all the looky-loos would have been worse then the bridge closure. I guess one man’s diatribe can be another’s ovation.


  3. Rick permalink

    I can’t believe this is a Diatribe. I thought you would garner great enjoyment from watching a huge rubber duck floating in the river. The bridge has to go up for some reason. I would love to see something that fun.


  4. I’m not into advertising stunts, but I would enjoy seeing this!


  5. How can anyone *not* like a giant rubber ducky?


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