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Ovation: Senator Feinstein Pledges To Introduce Assault Weapons Ban.


FeinsteinI’m not a gun person.  I lock my doors and keep a baseball bat in the closet of my bedroom.  That’s enough to make me feel safe.  I understand that many folks live and work in crime-ridden neighborhoods and places that are outright dangerous.  I also understand that we have an extraordinarily sophisticated network of law enforcement professionals on our collective, taxpayer-funded, payroll.

I’m not a gun person.  But, admittedly, even in the quiet and peaceful area where I live, there have been times when I have thought about owning a gun.  Last night while watching television, I caught a glimpse of an animal looking in the window from just outside on the porch.  We have had one cat killed by dogs and there are frequently coyotes in the area and, because of aggressive wildlife, I’ve taken to walking my dog only on a leash.  We also keep backyard chickens and I would hate for a wild animal to reach them.

I’m not a gun person.  Perhaps I might one day buy a pistol or, perhaps, a shotgun.  I would pass all background checks and take as many lessons as authorities might require.  I would not expect to be allowed to purchase a large variety or quantity of weapons.  I’m not alone.

Recently, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) vowed to introduce a new assault weapons ban on the first day of the new Congress and challenging President Obama to back the bill.  Feinstein sponsored the federal assault weapons ban that expired in 2004, and has been working on a new ban since the Aurora movie theater shooting last July.  Four shooting sprees later, she has vowed to introduce new legislation as soon possible.

“I’m sick, too, of hearing the gun lobby and the politicians it controls tell us that the only way to make us safer is to carry more guns.  It’s another lie.  My husband, Jim, knows that too well.  He was surrounded by the U.S. Secret Service, the best-trained professionals in the world, when he was shot in the head.” – Sarah Brady, wife of former White House Press Secretary James Brady who was shot during an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan in 1981.

I’m not a gun person.  I do, however, understand the many points made by those on both sides of the gun-control debate including Sarah Brady.  I also believe in the wisdom of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights … including the Second Amendment which protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms.  When the Second Amendment was adopted in 1791, our nation’s leaders could not possibly have dreamed that semi-automatic assault weapons might one day be considered “arms.”  I’m pretty sure they had muskets in mind.

I commend Senator Feinstein for finding the courage to be the first to take action and I sincerely hope that many other Senators sign on in support of the bill as well.  And, should this legislation reach the President’s desk, I hope that he will use his office to make our nation a safer place.

Is there really a logical reason for civilians to collect and own arsenals of semi-automatic weapons?

UPDATE 01/24/13 – Feinstein proposes assault weapons ban.


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  1. maryisidra permalink

    No there is not.


  2. Good for her. It should never have been allowed to expire. Like so many of the ills of our modern day life, we can thank Bush and Cheney for allowing that to happen.


  3. Lene permalink

    No. We have to start somewhere to make the world a safer place. Congrats to Sen Feinstein. My husband and I recently sat next to a man at Starbucks who was researching assault weapons on his computer the entire 40 minutes we were there. We have had many conversations since that time as to why he was so interested in this type of weapon. We could only come back to one tragic scenario.


  4. Barneysday permalink

    There is no reasonable explanation for civilians having assault rifles, semi-automatic weapons, speed loaders, or clips of ammunition above 10 rounds. There is no reasonable explanation that every Tom, Dick and Harry should have a concealed weapons or carry permit. There is no reasonable explanation that every single gun sale in this country, whether through a gun shop, gun show, or private sale, is not preceded by a thorough background check, and such background check information is kept on file. Lastly, there is no reasonable excuse for guns to be carried in public buildings.

    Thanks for continuing to write about this subject. It is only by keeping the topic in the forefront of the public that something will be done. I guarantee the “gun nuts” are just awaiting the furor to die down before they continue their relentless lobbying for every person in the country to be armed and dangerous.


    • I fear that until more leaders like Feinstein risk their careers by standing up to the gun lobbyists, and citizens like us put pressure on those who don’t, we won’t see much change.

      Ironically, the NRA Facebook page and Twitter feed has gone “dark” in the days following the latest tragedy. An NRA spokesman told CBS News that “Until the facts are thoroughly known NRA will not have any comment” on the mass shooting.

      Thanks for your input! LIKE and SHARE!


      • Barneysday permalink

        The Wall Street Journal, that rag of the right, has already come out with an editorial that this “is not the time” to discuss gun control. Just when is the time???


        • They’re wrong. How many children do you suppose they think need to be murdered before it will be “the right time”?


          • Barneysday permalink

            The delay of “This is not the right time” has been an NRA tactic for years, always right after one tragedy or another. WSJ has become a right-wing rag since it was taken over by Murdoch and Fox.


  5. There is absolutely NO reason for people to own these “civilian” versions of military weapons. If you want to shoot a military weapon, join the army!


  6. If you wanna shoot assault weapons, join the army or play a videogame. I’m not sure why Americans think that shooting deer and rabbits requires 30 rounds in a mag. If you’re that bad a shot that you need so many rounds, use a sledgehammer instead.


  7. Thanks for posting this. I am with Barney on this. We are past the tipping point and need to act. Take care, BTG


  8. esteban permalink

    the way i see it, the criminals out there who buy their military grade weapons from other criminals arent going to stop buying them because suddenly they are illegal. no, the average citizen does not need a 50 cal sniper and a heavy machine gun in case a drug cartel drives through their neighborhood, but if some guy breaks into my house with an illegally purchased weapon, i am damn well reaching for what shoots the fastest and has the most ammo. just because his automatic rifle and 100 round magazine are illegal doesnt mean he cant use them to shoot me or my family. and on concealed carry, im not saying everyone and their brother should have one. obviously there need to be restrictions, like people convicted of violent felonies, or people with sever mental or social disorders who are not receiving treatment, for example. but what if all the law abiding citizens COULD carry if they wanted too. who is going to rape and murder some woman if there is a good chance she is packing? who is going to rob a bank if half of the people inside have guns to protect each other and their money? who is going to shoot up a movie theater when you would be lit up like a target in a shooting gallery? obviously there is no way to make us 100% safe, whether by unrestricted or completely restricted guns, but as long as there are evil people who are willing to hurt and kill to get what they want, people will want a weapon to defend themselves. and if we cant use guns because they are illegal, i am no expert, but i doubt the rapists, murderers and thieves will stop too.


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