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Ovation: Zuckerberg Donates Almost $500 Million To Charity.


zuckerbergI know some very philanthropic people … old family money that allows them to make donations via a charitable trust created for just this purpose.  They are approached by many worthy causes on an almost daily basis.  They give to their alma maters, they give to local symphonies, museums, zoos and to other charitable foundations.  Their trust writes checks left and right.  I admire their consistently giving attitude.

All the money they’ve donated over the years pales in comparison to the single donation made this week, during the season of giving, by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg donated eighteen million shares of the company’s stock valued at $498,780,000 to the nonprofit Silicon Valley Community Foundation, which helps donors manage and identify charitable funds that are in line with their philanthropic passions.

This is Zuckerberg’s biggest gift ever.  In 2010, before Facebook went public, he gave $100 million in company stock to the Newark, New Jersey public school districts.  That same year he signed The Giving Pledge, an effort led by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and investor Warren Buffett, where the world’s wealthiest individuals commit to giving away most of their fortunes to charitable efforts.

It seems that he’s once again putting his money where his mouth is and fulfilling his promise to donate and donate big.  The donations that my friends have made throughout the years are a tiny drop in the proverbial bucket by comparison.  And mine even smaller.  It’s all relative … and every little bit counts.


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  1. So why wasn’t this the #1 story on the news and front pages of newspapers?


  2. Thanks for sharing this story. Hopefully the share prices will rise dramatically over the next year! Like you said…every little bit counts.


  3. I certainly applaud his generosity. I do hope, however, the money “trickles down” to serve those who are truly in need.


  4. Very cool. Thanks for sharing. BTG


  5. I think it’s great when very wealthy people give away lots of money, but I wonder if maybe they shouldn’t help out their government a little more & then donate to charities. Maybe if they paid a little more in taxes, the government could help out with some social programs too?


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