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Ovation: Facebook Reunites Sisters After Seventy-Two Years.


facebook like icon blogsAs of October 2012, social media juggernaut Facebook reached one billion users.  Like me, you’re probably one of them.  Facebook has become a wonderful tool in many of our lives, a way to reconnect with friends from the past, keep in touch with distant relatives and to meet new friends.  We share pictures, play games, read the news or just complain.  Facebook has changed since it was first introduced and will continue to evolve as users grow and their interests change.

Many have complained about the company since it went public last year and worry that Facebook will turn from pleasing users to pleasing investors.  Many recent changes have upset the fan base and worries about privacy are frequently in the news.  Personally, I’ve had enough of friends inviting me to share my birthday.  Facebook can often be quite frustrating.

But it’s certainly made a positive difference in at least two lives.  Sisters from Bosnia, 88-year-old Tanija Delic and Hedija Talic, 82, recently found each other after spending 72 years apart.  Facebook was instrumental in reuniting the sisters who were separated from each other in 1941 during World War II.  Their family was fleeing their hometown of Budimlic Japra in northwestern Bosnia at the time, when then 11-year-old Talic became lost and was taken in by an orphanage.

It wasn’t until decades later, when Talic’s son began searching for his family roots online, that she became close to finding the location of her long-lost older sister — someone who, as it turns out, was living only about 130 miles away.  The two plan to continue their online search for other family members, particularly hoping to locate their brother.

Social media can sometimes be frustrating.  But, if it can help reunite sisters after seventy-two years, imagine what else it can do.


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  1. Wow, something good came from Facebook! Who’d’a thunk it?


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