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Ovation: Andrew Cooper Is The New Lucky Vanous.


It’s been nineteen years since Lucky Vanous made his debut as Diet Coke beefcake in this famous commercial …

And now Diet Coke is, apparently, feeling nostalgic as they’ve introduced a new offering in the male skin advertising concept …

In  this new ad created by BETC London, newcomer Andrew Cooper uses his pecs and abs to whet the thirsts of Diet Coke drinkers worldwide.  Accompanied by the same music as its predecessor, this advertisement also shows a bunch of giddy women ogling an attractive and fit young man who clearly enjoys drinking Diet Coke.

I guess men are supposed to think that, if they drink Diet Coke, women will ogle them?  I’m pretty sure that doesn’t work but … what the heck.  Of course, when a woman’s sex appeal is used in advertising there is often an uproar as is the case with the newest ad from Mercedes Benz featuring Kate Upton that is scheduled to appear during the upcoming Superbowl broadcast.

I remember when the Lucky Vanous commercial made its debut.  The publicity that it generated was enormous and he, ultimately, became a bit of a celebrity.  While an acting career never materialized, in addition to his appearances in follow-up advertisements for Diet Coke, Vanous took advantage of his good fortune by appearing in the somewhat successful Lucky Vanous: The Ultimate Fat Burning Workout  video.

While the sex appeal of men in advertising is no longer as newsworthy as it was when Vanous first appeared on the nation’s televisions, it seems to me that a double standards still exists.  However, times are changing, audiences are changing, and advertising must change too keep up with targeted consumers.

Since broadcast television stations like CBS aren’t afraid to air Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, maybe it’s time to consider an International Male Fashion Show!


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  1. Sex sells. Though I don’t drink Diet Coke and won’t just because of a hot guy, he is purty.


  2. Sex does sell, but it doesn’t make it right. Using sex in advertising sets up unrealistic standards for men & women to which to aspire. Men & women think they have to look like the models in order to be considered sexy.


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