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Diatribe: Paying $110 To Eat Dirt.


EatingDirtI remember when I was really little there was a neighbor kid who ate dirt.  He would do it on a dare.  We would dare him a lot.  He would actually offer “Hey, want to see me eat some dirt?” and we’d always let him show us.  Ultimately, one of the kids in the gang must have said something about his dirt eating to their mother who told Dirt Eater’s mother and we never saw it again.  He ate a worm once.

Apparently eating dirt is coming back into fashion.  A French restaurant in Tokyo is serving a fancy meal featuring dirt as a key ingredient.  The restaurant, Ne Quittez Pas, is trying to capitalize on the success of its chef, Toshio Tanabe.  Chef Tanabe once won a high-profile cooking contest by serving a dirt sauce and the restaurant has created a dirt-infused menu using special black soil from Kanuma, Tochigi Prefecture.  A typical dirt meal might include …

  • First Course – Potato starch and dirt soup served in a shot glass rimmed with salt and topped with black truffle.
  • Second Course – Salad served with a dressing made from dirt and a fine powder made from ground popcorn.
  • Main Course – Clams and sediment, dirt risotto and sautéed sea bass.
  • Dessert – Dirt ice cream followed by dirt mint tea.

Most of us are taught to make sure that dirt never ends up in our food yet this particularly strange meal will cost a diner about 10,000 yen or $110.00.

Interestingly, eating dirt is nothing new.  In some countries women, especially pregnant women, actually crave dirt because they think it soothes the stomach.

Maybe Dirt Eater was on to something and his soil-eating skills could have been used to his advantage.

Would you pay $110.00 to eat dirt?!


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  1. If I don’t clean the kitchen soon, I will be able to serve both dog hair and dirt. With cobwebs for dessert. I would not pay a penny to eat dirt.


  2. It just proves there IS a sucker born every minute ….. or maybe every thirty seconds.


  3. My wife served her little brother tomato soup on her farm. That would be two parts clay and two parts water. Mom was not happy, she said. She could have added in her defense, but its free.


  4. Remember pulling carrots from the garden, wiping them off on the grass & eating them right there? I think we’ve all eaten more dirt than we might be comfortable with.


  5. Not intentionally, except like Benze, with the carrots, and certainly not for $110. If you can’t tell if the potato was washed, it doesn’t matter. It was sterilized at 450 F. The pregnant women’s diet is geophagy. The soil is thought to contain minerals especially necessary for fetus development.


  6. I remember when a kid on my little league team decided to eat some dirt from the field. His review: “Kind of salty.”


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