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Diatribe: Excessive Coca-Cola Consumption Contributes To Death of New Zealand Woman.


CocaColaI drink far too much diet soda.  Truthfully, drinking any amount of diet soda is probably far too much but I’ve been able to convince myself that diet soda is somehow “better” for me than regular soda.  I know it’s not good for me and I continuously try to cut back on the amount that I consume.  Yesterday, a New Zealand coroner’s report noted Coca-Cola as a contributing factor to the death of Natasha Harris in February 2010.

Harris reportedly drank more than two gallons of the soda every day for many years.  Her family called it an “addiction” that resulted in the removal of multiple rotten teeth and the birth of at least one child lacking tooth enamel.  It was said that she suffered withdrawal symptoms if she didn’t drink Coca-Cola.

“I find that, when all the available evidence is considered, were it not for the consumption of very large quantities of Coke by Natasha Harris, it is unlikely that she would have died when she died and how she died.” – Coroner’s Report

The examination after her death revealed an enlarged liver with fatty deposits due to too much sugar, a pathologist said.  Low potassium in her bloodstream may also have been linked to the soda.  Harris apparently consumed more than two pounds of sugar and 970mg of caffeine a day; experts say even 500mg is dangerous.

Coca-Cola reportedly said it was “disappointed” about the coroner’s emphasis on Coke in Harris’ death, though his report did state that the company “cannot be held responsible for the health of consumers who drink unhealthy quantities of the product.”

Once again, I’m determined to change my soda drinking habits.

Does this news surprise you?


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  1. That’s a real wake up call. Addictions take many forms. Who knew this one could be fatal?


  2. It doesn’t surprise me. Wasn’t there a test done a while back where Coca Cola ate through metal? How anyone can put that much in their bodies knowing that is beyond me.


  3. Over consumption of any thing is detrimental. I knew a woman who at too many carrots. Her body threw off the excess beta carotene to her skin making her look orangish and more prone to skin cancer. I knew of a man who ate too many bananas and the excess potassium made his body retain natural radiation longer – so much so he set off our detectors.

    While I don’t think Coke has as many redeeming qualities as carrots and bananas – excess consumption of any thing causes harm to the body – moderation in all things is the way to balance.


  4. Excessive amounts of any substance is bad, so I kind of understand why Coke is a bit defensive about this.

    It shows that people can get addicted to anything. I mean, I might have an M&M addiction. At least I’ve managed to be a functional addict so far.


  5. Wow. I am surprised that anyone could drink two gallons of ANY liquid on a daily basis! It’s all I can do to manage four glasses of water…


  6. I allow myself one soda per day because I was drinking way too much as well! I really miss it if I have to miss it. But I can’t understand anyone drinking that much soda!


  7. NO. My sister Beth drank nothing but Coke (in large amounts) for her entire life. She developed so many kidney stones, partly as a result, that it led to two strokes and renal failure. She ended up on dialysis for a number of years. She died from complications of kidney dialysis.

    Coke was a huge contributor. But it wasn’t the Company’s fault. It was hers.


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