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Ovation: Hitler’s Toilet Seat Could Be Yours.


I remember the days when people would go crackers for anything that might have been touched by Elvis Presley.  These items didn’t have to be autographed or photographed they just had to be something that was “his” and fans went bonkers trying to get closer to him by owning something that might have been important to him.  One fan actually stole some grace from Graceland.

Greg Kohfeldt, the owner of Kohfeldt’s Auto Repair in Florence, New Jersey auto shop has an interesting piece of history that he might be willing to part with.  As many as a dozen people allegedly stop by his business each month just to see his toilet … because it once belonged to Adolf Hitler.

AvisoGrilleThe toilet was installed in the 1950s by the previous owner of the repair shop and is said to have come from the German dictator’s favorite yacht, the Aviso Grille.  Hitler’s yacht, one of the largest afloat at the time, was commissioned in December 1934 but was taken by the British following World War II.  The vessel was ultimately stripped down for scrap in the early 1950s and the toilet and sink ended up in the auto repair shop that Kohfeldt bought nineteen years ago.

“If someone actually had an interest in what is left of the sink and the toilet I would probably sell it.  But they’d have to have an interest … if someone is just going to offer me $100, it’ll sit here forever.” – Greg Kohfeldt

Kohfeldt said the toilet, one of TIME Magazine’s Top 10 Famous Toilets, and sink routinely draw one or two visitors each month and the number jumps to six or even twelve people a month whenever the items appear on television or in print media.  He plans to remodel his shop’s bathroom and intends to put the Hitler toilet up for display afterward.

People will pay outrageous amounts of money for Hollywood memorabilia … the ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz, for example, fetch millions … so it stands to reason that something as historically significant as Hitler’s toilet seat might bring a pretty penny, too.

What do you think it’s worth?


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  1. So you’re saying that Time magazine has a list of Top 10 Most Famous Toilets? (Shakes head)


  2. Well, it’s a toilet seat, so, $29.99?
    But it’s an OLD toilet seat, so $14.99?
    I wouldn’t buy the toilet seat of someone I admired, much less one like that one.


  3. I must confess I would not assign much value to where the sh*thead sh*tted. Sorry for the crassness, but he was an evil SOB.


  4. I wouldn’t give a fart for it!


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