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Ovation: Nine Putts At Once.


NineGolfersMy family travelled quite a bit when I was a child and we were always on the lookout for a miniature golf course.  We took pride in our ability to tell if a course was challenging by just a passing glance from the highway.  Back then, many campgrounds and parks had their own mini-golf challenges.  I suppose there was little upkeep and expense once the course was installed and, since they had to man the “office” anyway, it was easy enough to offer a course to entice customers.

The really challenging courses usually had moving obstacles or running water involved.  My favorites were the holes that had pipes buried beneath them with multiple holes.  And, of course, the last hole was the one that kept your ball.  After a while I got to be a pretty decent putter.  But certainly not as good as the nine seniors in Campbell University’s PGA Golf Management program who recently sunk simultaneous putts in the same hole.

The attempt at the remarkable record was made as part of a competition sponsored by the North Carolina university’s student association during which each class had a chance to successfully complete a simultaneous shot.

The nine seniors lined up in a straight line one beside another with golf balls at their feet and, displaying both impressive accuracy and timing, putted all nine balls into the same hole to win the competition.  This video, which includes a well-deserved celebration as the ninth ball drops into the hole, could be on its way to becoming a viral sensation.

Sure, this trick shot is awesome … but I find the fact that the university offers a degree program focused on Golf Management to be even more astounding!

I’ll stick to mini-golf.


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  1. Hey Diatribe! Yeah, my family was also obsessed with mini golf and I related to this a lot. My favorite holes were the ones that involved a little bridge that you had to hit the ball down – usually if you could hit it straight down the bridge it’d go right in the hole, and that showed some serious skill. Also, one of my old roommates was a Golf major in college. He had classes like “Grass Management” and knew all this weird shit about cutting and watering grass. And I don’t even mean pot.

    Fun post! Laterz. : )


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