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Ovation: Heidi Klum To Be Fourth Judge On “America’s Got Talent”.


AGT-KlumI’m a big fan of Project Runway and its co-hosts Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn.  They both bring a sense of sophistication, professionalism and credibility to the competition.  In addition to her duties as host, Klum also serves as a judge, sharing her fashion know-how and experience with contestants in a straightforward and honest manner.

And now she’s going to be a judge on America’s Got Talent.

Sources close to NBC have revealed that the reality competition hired the famous model, during last-minute negotiations, to be the fourth judge on the show which begins taping the first round of auditions for its new season today in New Orleans.

Klum will join Howard Stern, Howie Mandel and new-comer Mel Brown who recently joined as a replacement for Sharon Osbourne after she departed at the end of last season.  This will be the first time the show will feature four judges.

I love Heidi Klum, but I’m not sure I understand why she was chosen.  She’s a fantastic judge of fashion and modeling but I question her credentials to judge singers, dancers, magicians, etc.  Furthermore, I worry that she might try to fit in with the other judges on the panel insomuch as her critiques might be borderline mean.

But, at the end of the day her beauty, experience and grace will surely bring the same heightened sense of sophistication that she brings to Project Runway to this judges’ table.  I suspect that these contestants will appreciate her words of wisdom and motivation as well.

Do you think Heidi Klum is a good choice for America’s Got Talent?


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  1. Her musical chops can’t be any less obvious than those of Sterns and Mandel.


  2. Although I won’t be watching, I expect her style to be unchanged from PR. As for her “chops” she was married/lived with Seal for 10 years or so. I’m sure she got some experience and perspective from that relationship.


  3. Sharon Osborne was an agent for other groups as well as Ozzy Osborne. I stopped watching this show years ago because it was all too much about the judges or the “weird” contestants.


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