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Ovation: Granny’s Goulash & Boil-In-Bag Pasta Could Change Your Life.


PastaPortionsI come from a long line of pasta lovers.  I had grandparents who were young children during the Great Depression and, consequently, had learned to stretch a food budget to a maximum.  Although my family is not of Italian descent, pasta has always been an economical means to prepare a filling meal on a tight budget.

One particular dish that I remember quite fondly was my grandmother’s “goulash”.  I thought it was the most wonderful and fantastic meal that anyone had ever created.  It was consistently fantastic each time that she made it and I would eat and eat until I couldn’t swallow another mouthful.  While my other grandmother would prepare fabulous Sunday meals of roast beef and mashed potatoes, I remember Granny’s Goulash just as fondly.

(I just closed my eyes and could almost taste it again.)

I thought my grandmother was the pasta equivalent of Julia Child.  When I was finally old enough to ask for her recipe so that I might try to make it on my own, I was flabbergasted to learn that she wasn’t the kitchen genius that I had worshipped throughout my childhood.

While I had always thought it was the most superb delicacy imaginable, the recipe was actually quite simple.


1 pound ground beef, browned
1 can stewed tomatoes
cooked elbow macaroni

Mix all ingredients and serve warm

I don’t cook pasta as often as I used to.  Water in my pots and pans seems to take forever to come to a boil, they don’t fit in my dishwasher and I always end up losing a portion of noodles down the drain.  Recently, however, I discovered Ronzoni’s Pasta Portions!  The boil-in-bag noodles are fool-proof and I can prepare them in a fraction of the time that it takes to cook pasta.  It’s an enriched macaroni product that requires no strainer and is never sticky.  It can also be prepared in the microwave!  I’ve been cooking rice like this for years and never wondered why a similar pasta product wasn’t available.

Have YOU ever been this excited about pasta?!  I didn’t think so.

I understand that this product has been around for a while, and I’m probably way behind the pack of pasta-loving front-runners, but now that I’ve found it I want more goulash!

Have you tried it?


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Memories!!! Yum!! I can see the kitchen (and plate of cheese and windmill cookies) now. 🙂


  2. I’m old school when it comes to pasta. Boil in bag seems unnatural.


  3. I like the idea of controlled portions. I always cook too much pasta. Then I eat too much pasta.


  4. Paul permalink

    I guess that I am a pasta-loving front-runner as I discovered this product many months ago. Love the convenience of having an easy cleanup. I stock up on it when it is on sale and have several boxes in the cupboard. I usually buy the curly elbow – always comes out perfect.. Looking forward to using this product to make “Granny’s Goulash” – looks yummy.


    • I’ve only just discovered it in our local supermarket and now it’s hard to find. I guess I’m not the only one around town who’s excited to find it. I’ll stock up, too, as soon as I get a chance. It really IS yummy!

      Thanks for reading!


  5. I just started reading Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss, it is scary as shit. Sorry but it had to be said. What they have to do to make that boil in a bag pasta is purely chemical. The pasta is the bag is not the same chemical structure as the pasta in the box or the pasta used in frozen dinners or the pasta used in soups or the pasta used in canned foods. They are all very different from each other.

    I’ve know bits and pieces of what I’ve read so far but never in this detail and the actual purpose. Wanna know why people are getting so fat? Here are your answers. They now make food with a combination of chemicals (they have even changed the physical/chemical structure of sugar, salt and fat) with two main goals – create a need or make it convenient for the customer (pasta and rice bags), second it to make that food so that its BLISS POINT either makes you want more or at the very least never satisfies you so you continue eating it. Taste is like 5th on the list.


    • BUZZ KILL!

      I knew it wasn’t “good” for me but I had no idea. I try to slip a fresh salad onto my plate once in a while. Perhaps I should try harder!

      I’ll investigate that book. Thanks for the tip!


  6. I have also always been a pasta lover. My mother used to make the old-fashioned macaroni & cheese you learned to make in Home Ec class where you start with a basic roux & then add grated cheese, pour it over cooked elbow macaroni, sprinkle bread crumbs on the top & bake in the oven for a little while. This is the best mac & cheese recipe! Whenever I have leftover meat spaghetti sauce I cook up a pot of elbow macaroni & pour the leftover sauce over it for homemade hamburger helper. Sounds like your grandmother’s goulash!


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