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Ovation: Granny Nannies.


Granny-ClampettHave you ever had to move a loved one to a nursing home?  For some older people, this move is a wonderful opportunity to receive around-the-clock care that they need.  Many seniors, however, do not require frequent medical assistance but don’t necessarily need to be left alone.  For them we have Granny Nannies.

According to estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau there are forty million Americans ages 65 or older and nearly ten million are at least 85 years old.  Americans are living increasingly longer and many how have long-term care insurance or another means of paying for care in their own homes.

“The senior care industry, just for senior home care, has grown more than 40 percent in the last five years.  Everything predicts care is going to continue to move to the home.” – Julie Northcutt, CEO of, which tracks the market.

Seniors, and their family members, who hire Granny Nannies know that there will be someone to take them shopping, to a salon appointment, or even to a movie.  By hiring a Granny Nanny they don’t feel like they’re “bothering” a busy family member or being a “burden” of any type.

“I’m a Girl Friday, a rent-a-daughter, or a granny nanny for seniors and their families.  A lot of seniors have dignity issues, where they don’t want to be seen with a caregiver. They want to be seen with someone that’s a professional and looks like a member of the family.” – Cydney Kaplan of Independent Living Concierge

Many agencies, which function in a similar manner to temporary staffing firms, are working to increase the number of workers in the field and to make the business more professional.

Being a Granny Nanny isn’t for everyone.  The pay isn’t anything to get excited about but those who enjoy the work say that it’s important to actually like the people they serve to be successful.  They love the seniors, learning from them, being around them.  They love their energy, even when they’re being cantankerous.

My grandmother, in her later years, was able to stay in the home that she loved with the help of a woman named Vida who, though she would never admit it, was more than just a caregiver to my grandmother … she was a friend.  And she offered the rest of us peace of mind in knowing that she wasn’t alone.


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  1. Travis permalink

    My Aunt does this with folks who are older than her (she’s 78) Loves doing it, loves sitting around and telling stories, and caretaking. It’s extra money in her pocket and she gets to feel more like she’s an active part of her community. She also, brings her grandson to work with her now and again, so he understands how important it is to take care of others and to do for them. He’s learned to sit and be still and listen to their stories.


  2. I think this is a great service, so more elderly people can stay in their homes when they want to stay there. When my grandmother first moved into assisted living many years ago, she was one of the younger people there & she was very mobile. She would do errands for some of the other seniors – it was good for her & good for them. I would prefer a granny nanny to moving into a seniors home.


  3. Archon's Den permalink

    At 68, I’d better start taking notes about this for my son. Dad lived to 85, and Mom was 92, both in a care home for five years.


  4. At 68, I’d better start taking down notes for my son. Dad lived to 85, and Mom was 92, and they both spent their last five years in a care home.


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