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Diatribe: CDs On Your Car’s Visor Can Blind Oncoming Traffic.


CDVisorI have a rule in my car when it comes to music.  I don’t turn on the stereo if there’s someone else in the car with me.  I find it difficult to carry on a conversation when there is music or talking going on.  I guess, for me, a car is too small for “background noise”.  When I’m alone in my car, however, the opposite is usually true.  The stereo is usually set to an extremely loud volume so as to drown out the shrieks and screams of my voice as I sing along to my CD of the Year.

I’m the type of person who buys a CD, loads it into my car’s stereo and leaves it there for months on end.  Consequently, I’ve never found the need to keep a selection of compact discs in my car with me as I drive.  If I did, however, I would certainly not keep them on the outside of my sun visor because they function as mirrors when the sun’s rays bounce off them.

VisorThere are a variety of storage containers designed for drivers who wish to carry CDs on their sun visor.  Keeping CDs handy and at arms’ length while eliminating the need to take one’s eyes off of the road for any length of time to find new music is clearly a good idea.  However, it seems that this may be true only when the CDs are stored on the inside of the visor.  Placing the storage container on the outer side of the visor exposes the reflective discs to the sun’s rays and can be blinding to oncoming traffic.  Drivers who use this type of storage must realize how dangerous this can be.

BlindingSunshineThe safest drivers among us only change the CD in their car’s stereo when their vehicle is not in motion.  I, however, have been listening to the same CD since I bought it last November so I have little use for CD storage in my vehicle.  I will never inadvertently flash any sunlight into oncoming traffic.

Have you ever encountered this CD-visor-blinding-sunlight phenomenon?


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  1. Wouldn’t the sun’s rays also damage the CD’s?


  2. I’ve never had this problem. I don’t it’s much of an issue anymore since cd’s have been almost completely replaced by iPod and iPhones.


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