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Ovation: The Top Secret Drum Corps Of Basel.


TSDC-logoSome of the best times I had in high school were with the band.  While I fancied myself as more of a concert band musician, participant in marching band was required for everyone.  Our biggest marching performance was the Labor Day Parade and, of course, all of the home football games.  For me, memorizing the drills was a nightmare.  As if it wasn’t enough to memorize the music, we had to remember where we were supposed to be standing or moving throughout the tune.  And there was absolutely no way to fake it!  Every wrong move would be seen by even the most unfamiliar members of the audience.

Top Secret Drum Corps of Basel, Switzerland is known for its members precision, dexterity and, apparently, memories!  The Corps, composed of twenty-five young men who hold day jobs outside the field of music, was formed in 1990.

Check out this performance from last December …

Holy cow … these guys are amazing!  I remember that, for years, our band had to stop playing just to turn a corner during a parade!

Drummers and drumming fans are anxiously anticipating the annual August musical performances outside Edinburgh Castle, the 2013 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, where more than 200,000 people are expected to be in attendance.

Synchronized military drumming is thought to date back to the Middle Ages, when mercenaries would march into battle with drums strapped to their bodies.  Today, ensembles like the Top Secret Drum Corps and all the members of Drum Corps International work diligently to include juggling and light displays into their performances to make their team stand out above the best of the best.

If you’ve never seen a first-rate drum corps performance, don’t miss the next opportunity.  You’ll be amazed by what they can do!


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  1. Travis permalink

    Band nerds rule!


  2. Very cool. I am the father of three band members. I enjoyed seeing them perform and seeing how hard they worked. They work just as hard or harder than the football team. I kind of miss it now. BTG


  3. Yeah, what BTG said. My son is still marching in college, I’m amazed at what they pull off. But this group is amazing.


  4. I love this video! I used to watch a drum and bugle corps competition on PBS on Thanksgiving Day in the states and I miss it, so this is almost as good!


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