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Diatribe: The Roach Bus.


cockroach-31As a teen, my grandmother and I went on an adventure together.  I had never traveled without my parents so it was a big deal for me to leave town without them but Gammy and I flew to San Francisco, took a bus ride up the California coast to visit with relatives in Oregon before taking an Amtrak train back home.  It was my first trip in an airplane and my first overnight stay on a train but the bus ride is where I made the most memories.

One memory in particular, involves a stop on the bus portion of the trip.  The bus would stop periodically to exchange passengers and provide an opportunity to stretch our legs.  Gammy and I ran into a department store to use the bathroom.  It was an enormous store, bigger than I’d ever seen, and when we returned to the bus it was gone!  Turns out it was parked around the corner.  We had gone into the store on one side and come out a different door.  My grandmother was so frightened she cried.

The bus was plain but clean.  I don’t remember seeing any bugs.

The same can’t be said for the passengers on a Greyhound bus bound for New York City last Friday.  It had to pull over and passengers evacuated because it was infested with roaches that dropped from the ceiling and skittered across seats and the floor.

“All of a sudden the roaches came out of nowhere, they were on the floor, they were falling from the ceiling.” – Andy Rodriguez, Greyhound passenger.

Riders were terrified.  About fifteen minutes after the bus left Atlantic City, roaches scrambled out of cracks and crevices, seemingly all at once, sending the passengers on board into the aisle

“Once the driver became aware of the situation, the driver followed procedures by pulling the bus over to a safe location and notifying our dispatch office.” – Greyhound spokesman Timothy Stokes

A second bus was sent to pick up the passengers.  Greyhound said the company apologizes and has refunded the trip for all the passengers.

I will never ever forget that trip up the Pacific coast and the special time that my grandmother and I spent together.  I’m guessing the forty-eight passengers on Friday’s bus to New York City will never forget theirs either.

What would you do if bugs fell from the ceiling of a bus you were riding?


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  1. I think I would have had a heart attack. I get that from my mom.


  2. This sounds like a Twilight Zone episode or a B-movie “The Day of the Roaches.”


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