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Ovation: Obie The Obese Dachshund Loses Half His Body Weight.

Obie - After

Obie – After

My dog is fat.  She was fat when I got her.  She came to live with us when a family in a nearby town learned that they would be having a new baby and I fell in love with her at first sight.  Apparently, her previous family didn’t monitor her diet.  I suspect that the children dropped a lot of food on the floor and she followed them around cleaning up behind them.  She weighed almost thirty pounds when she came to be mine.

She is a dachshund.

I immediately put her on a restrictive diet of high-quality, weight management dog food and limited treats.  For almost five years, she has eaten one-quarter cup of crunchy dry food twice each day with no more than four miniature treats per day.  Her long body, which often would drag through the grass on trips outdoors, has slowly morphed to the more slender silhouette expected of the breed.  She’s lost about eight pounds.

A drop in the bucket compared to the extreme weight loss of fellow Dachshund, Obie, of Portland, Oregon.

Obie - Before

Obie – Before

The story of Obie the Dachshund received national attention last August when, at seventy-seven pounds, he was rescued from his elderly owners and placed on a strict weight-loss regimen.  After many stressful months, and a highly publicized custody battle, it was recently revealed that Obie has lost almost forty pounds.  His website says he will be having surgery soon to remove all of the extra skin.

My little dog is still a little heavy and this, sometimes, causes me great concern.  The breed is thought to be prone to back problems and carrying extra weight can cause back fatigue.  In fact, for a brief period, I had to carry her up and down stairs, lift her onto the sofa beside me to watch television and help her in and out of bed.  For that week, I was the one getting most of the exercise.

At the end of the day, she’s a happy dog … a big bubble of furry love … and I think she’s beautiful.

I think Obie is beautiful, too.

UPDATE 05/04/13: Obie has surgery to have excess skin resulting from weight loss removed.

UPDATE 10/10/13: Obie the Formerly Obese Dachshund Loses Almost 50 Pounds!

UPDATE 12/18/14: Obie the Formerly Obese Dachshund gets a 2015 calendar!


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  1. Wow! That is a ton of weight to lose for a human or a dog! Thanks for sharing.
    ~Cool Mom for
    Stanley & Katrina


  2. I was lucky enough to have a self-monitoring dog with my beloved Bandit. In the beginning, we thought he would never eat enough. When we finally calmed down & left him with a full bowl all the time, he would eat when he wanted, how much he wanted. When he went to sleep last year he was the exact perfect weight, not an ounce of fat which turned out to be lucky because he had a heart condition diagnosed very late in his life.


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