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Ovation: Kayla Sloan Performs On Grand Ole Opry Stage.


KaylaSloanDreams really can come true.  After a couple of cocktails I’ve been known to tell a story about the time that I performed on Broadway in New York City.  After weeks of rehearsing I was proud to put on a show on the Great White Way.  Granted, it was a parade and I was playing in a Dixieland band on the back of a flatbed truck, but it was on Broadway just the same!

Kayla Sloan’s dream has come true, too.  Kayla is the 21-year-old singing Walmart cashier from West Virginia who has become a sensation on Facebook and YouTube and dreamed of performing on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.

Recent publicity surrounding viral videos of her impromptu performances resulted in an invitation to perform at the Opry last night.  Joining her for the evening’s performance was the Marshall Tucker Band, Charles Esten from ABC’s Nashville, Ricky Skaggs and others.

Sloan performed renditions of “Coal Miner’s Daughter” and “Coat of Many Colors”.  The addition of an Opry performance to her performance resume could certainly open many doors in the recording industry.  Should she find success, she won’t be the first to turn a viral video into a dream come true.

Are you a Kayla Sloan fan?


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  1. How wonderful that she is fulfilling her dream! There are many with voices not quite as good as hers with music careers, so why not her?


  2. Jeff B permalink

    She’s got a sweet little voice like a young Dolly.


  3. Anonymous permalink

    well , ummmm good for her I guess, but her VOICE ewwww, nasal, too high pitched, flash in the pan, but atleast she got the chance to fulfil her dream


  4. welll, ummm first of all she did get to have her dream, but honetly her VOICE??? ewwww, NASAL, too high pitched, sorry


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