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Ovation: Finding Secret Cash And Not Keeping It.


CashInPocketDo you ever make a dumb mistake over and over?  Just a silly little oversight that drives you crazy every time you do it?  For years I’ve consistently made the same stupid mistake over and over again.  I wash my pants with a Chapstick in one of the pockets.

One would think that, eventually, I would learn to check the pockets of my pants very carefully before putting them in the hamper for wash day.  I have a bit of a Chapstick addiction and I keep them everywhere.  Unfortunately I, from time to time, lose track of one or two and they inevitably end up in the laundry.  They make it through the washing machine with little incident but the heat from the dryer makes quite a mess.  Cherry Chapstick, in particular, makes quite a waxy mess of a load of clothes.

Apparently, there are others who forget to check their pockets as well.

Last week a Bristol, Pennsylvania woman named Carol Sutor found $30,000 in a bundle of clothes that belonged to a woman who had passed away.  The clothes had been given to her by a relative who suggested that she give them to her mother.

“At first I thought is this play money?  Then I started looking.  I said to myself, no, these are real hundred-dollar bills.  A lot of them.” – Carol Sutor

While it certainly would have been easy for her to keep the found fortune since the owner of the money had passed away and no one else knew of its existence, for Sutor this was never an option.

“I had to give it back.  I believe in karma, whatever I do will come back to me, good or bad.” – Carol Sutor

I try to keep up with my Chapsticks and I honestly attempt to check all of my pockets on laundry day.  Unfortunately, when there are as many as six or seven in my rotation (desk, car, briefcase, glove box, etc.) I’m bound to continue to lose track.

I’ll never find $30,000 in a pocket but, when I find a Chapstick and rescue a load of laundry, I get a little bit excited.

Do you check all your pockets before you do laundry?


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  1. I usually check the pockets .. but sometimes I forget.

    Once when I was young and completely broke, with bill collectors calling, the works. I went to a bank machine to see if I could get a little cash.

    The machine was flashing at me:

    “Do you want another transaction.”

    Someone had left their card in the machine and the transaction was incomplete.

    I was horribly broke.

    “Do you want another transaction?”

    I hit “No” took the card and the receipt that showed a balance of $200 K.

    That’s when I realized I was an honest person. But boy, was I tempted.


    • Wow! What did you do with the card?!

      I’m so paranoid about hidden cameras that I’m afraid to even scratch myself at an ATM. I find that I flip my hands to show that they’re empty like a blackjack dealer in a casino.

      I bet that really WAS tempting. Good for you!

      (Thanks for reading!)


  2. Actually, I don’t check pockets when I do the laundry. For years, when we lived in a house, hubby did the laundry because I couldn’t manage the stairs with my vertigo. Hubby is extremely particular about how he does laundry & from him I learned to make sure my pockets were always cleaned out before anything went into the hamper. So now I do the laundry, we are both so well trained, we don’t leave anything in our pockets.
    I have found a $5 bill in a winter coat pocket when I put it on for the first time in the season.


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