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Diatribe: Victoria’s Secret’s “Bright Young Things” Underwear.


BrightYoungThingsI have pre-teen nieces.  I love them very much and their welfare is important to me.  Their parents are extraordinarily attentive to all of their needs.  The safety of these young girls is tantamount to their daily routines.  They don’t take candy from strangers, they don’t play in the street and they use common sense.

Certainly, none of my nieces will be wearing “Bright Young Things” underwear from the Spring Break collection of Victoria’s Secret’s PINK line.  The underwear line features an assortment of panties including a lace trim thong with “Call Me” printed on the front, lace back underwear with the word “Wild” on the back and green-and-white polka dot hip briefs that say “Feeling Lucky?”

While Victoria’s Secret would like us all to believe that they’re marketing the PINK lingerie line to college women, management clearly hopes to reach a teen audience.

“When somebody’s 15 or 16 years old, what do they want to be? They want to be older, and they want to be cool like the girl in college, and that’s part of the magic of what we do at PINK.” – Stuart Burgdoerfer, CFO, Victoria’s Secret

I’m disgusted by anyone or any company that sexualizes our children.  Young girls like my nieces need to learn that they can be desirable and, ultimately, sexy by simply being themselves … by growing to be the most loving, intelligent and confident adults that they can be.  And young boys should be taught that women don’t have to be “easy” to be desirable.  The message that this marketing campaign sends to our youth is very confusing.

A parent’s chief responsibility is to keep their sons and daughters safe and to help them learn to respect and love themselves and others.  They’re also the people who buy their children’s underwear.  I’m certain that my nieces will not be wearing “Call Me” panties any time soon and I applaud their parents for making it so.


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  1. Kids are in a hurry to grow up, i get that. But “helping” them by buying this kind of thing seems foolish at best. There might be a better way to mark a girl to be preyed upon by pedophiles, but I’m not sure what it is.


  2. Let kids be kids.
    Growing up is hard, why rush it.


  3. Amy Smith permalink

    Thanks for the article. I couldn’t agree more!


  4. Rick permalink

    I’m horrified by this!!! I would not allow my child to have these!! I know this will receive a bad reaction, but I would hate for a “child” to have these on, get into an uncomfortable situation, say no, but have these undergarments on. We all know character is brought into question when rape charges are filed. I CAN’T BELIEVE, they manufacture these. I thought the track pants with the word Juicy across the girls backside was bad enough.


  5. sexualizing little girls has been going on for decades, as long as i can remember. this isn’t new. it’s not good, but it isn’t new.


  6. Nobody needs tacky underwear & especially not young people! Let our children stay children a little longer!


  7. I’m with Rick. I think its worse to have the words on display then underneath but you know that these will eventually be worn as top garments rather then undergarments. And don’t be so quick to blame VS. if they are doing it is is because some smaller company is already making money doing this.


    • Unfortunately, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. The law of supply and demand will not be ignored! They only reason there is a supply of naughty underwear is because there’s a demand and it’s up to consumers to eliminate any demand.


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