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Diatribe: When A Cruise Ship Comes Unmoored.


CarnivalTriumphI’ve never had much luck with boats.  For a short time, I owned a small watercraft and it was nothing but problems.  I called it my hole in the water into which I threw my money.  Perhaps I would have enjoyed it more if I was a better sailor or owned a better boat.  I constantly worried that I would become stranded in the middle of the lake.  Or, equally problematic, my boat would float off without me.  More than once I found myself in a panic when the boat rolled, “unmanned”, off of its trailer and into the water.  Eventually, I learned to use more ropes so that I didn’t have to swim out to retrieve it.

Those problems seem so tiny now that I’ve learned that the Carnival Triumph, the crippled cruise ship whose sewage-filled breakdown in the Gulf of Mexico subjected thousands of passengers to horrendous conditions, tore loose from the dock where it is being repaired.  It floated downriver and crashed into a cargo ship.

The ship was in the news for five days last February after an engine fire stranded it off the coast of Mexico.  It’s in the news again after near-hurricane-strength wind gusts pushed the 900-foot ship free from its mooring in downtown Mobile, Alabama, on Wednesday.  A 20-foot gash in the hull, two levels of railing, electric cables that had been plugged in on shore were all damaged by the move.

All of the ship’s crew members and contractors who were staying on board are safe.

I can’t imagine what it must have felt like to see a ship of that size blowing uncontrolled down the shoreline.  At least when my old boat floated off I was reasonably certain that there would be little, if any damage, to contend with.  Of course, there were a few times that I wished the darn thing would just sink and save me additional stress and drama.


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  1. They should change the name.
    It doesn’t sound like a Carnival to me.


  2. Barneysday permalink

    Wanna’ bet that the owners of Carnival might at times be wishing the “Triumph” will just float away and sink?


  3. Carnival is having a nightmare that won’t end. If I had tickets for a cruise in hand, I would have to seriously entertain getting my money back. We did one cruise back in 1991 on Royal Caribbean and it was a wonderful experience. Carnival is the worst adverting for going on a cruise, but if you do, the best advertising for using another cruise line.


  4. We had went on a cruise in 2005 on a Carnival ship & had the best time I’ve ever had. I have always wanted to go on another cruise. But even I am seriously thinking it should be on another cruise line.


  5. Just say no to cruise ships.


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