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Ovation: Teenage Sweethearts, Now Septuagenarians, Reunite And Marry.


Many of those in opposition to marriage equality for all couples base their argument on the notion that marriage is somehow required for procreation.  Anyone who has completed a high school biology class understands that this is simply preposterous.  To assign procreation as a stipulation of civil marriage is a ridiculous argument that eliminates not only same-sex couples but infertile, aging and unwilling spouses from hundreds of federal rights.

Eileen and Warner Billington as teenagers.

Eileen and Warner Billington as teenagers.

Eileen and Warner Billington today.

Eileen and Warner Billington today.

Anyone who claims that the purpose of marriage is “child-rearing” might have a fight on their hands when they meet up with Eileen and Warner Billington.  Eileen, 78, and Warner, 79, have gotten married more than sixty years after they first met.  I think it’s safe to assume that they married because they’re in love and not in order to raise children.

The couple met and fell in love as teenagers but shortly thereafter Warner enlisted in the Royal Air Force.  During a trip home on leave, he asked Eileen on a date, they exchanged letters almost daily and two years later they approached Eileen’s father to discuss marriage plans.  Her father objected, stating that they were too young, and the young lovers parted ways.  Over the years, they both moved on to other partners, married and had children until, in 2010, a fried of Warner informed him that Eileen had lost her husband.

He called to offer his condolences and their romance was rekindled.  They married on December 6, 2011 with the support and approval of both of their families.

“It’s like being teenage sweethearts all over again.  It’s as though we have never been apart.  As well as loving each other, we are good companions, just as we were when we first met.  In fact, we are just like an old married couple.” – Eileen Billington, 78

Yes, Eileen, you certainly are … JUST like an old married couple.

Although thoughtful consideration might lead to empathy for those who believe a child is best raised by both a mother and a father they people may be missing the point.  I believe that children need loving parents, in any quantity and of any gender, to grow and prosper into well-rounded and contented adults.  But most importantly, they need love.  And love is and always will be the catalyst for a successful marriage … regardless of the couple’s age or gender.

Let’s hear it for love and marriage!


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  1. Yeah, love & marriage! What a wonderful story! I agree with you about parents. When I divorced my first husband, I said to my friends I would rather my daughter was raised by one happy parent than 2 unhappy parents.


  2. Great post. We have friend who did the same thing, but married her teenage sweetheart in her late 40’s. Just like the above, her parents forbid her to marry him. Each went off and got married (she had children) and then divorced. They renunited on a whim and got married in our house and have remained married for fifteen years. Thanks for sharing, BTG


  3. Sweet story. Love has no age. I wish them good health and happiness in the days ahead.


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