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Ovation: Nancy Lamperti Teaches Us How To Drink Our Way Into Old Age.


I knew it!  All those people telling me, for all those years, that the secret to longevity was a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.  Ha!  I like the way that Nancy Lamperti has made it to 101 years old.

Personally, I hope that when my time comes I’ll look back on an adventure that was more about quality than about quantity.  While it could be wonderful to live more than one hundred years, an accomplishment that more and more people will probably achieve in years to come, I’ll be fine if I check out at ninety with a mental library filled with enough memories and experiences to fill two lifetimes.

What do you think? Is Nancy’s idea worth a try?


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I bet more beer, booze drinkers died young, as opposed to those that made it to 100. Obviously, there are other factors involved.


  2. Except for the Southern Comfort–I might have tequila instead–I’m in!


  3. Great post. I was talking with a doctor about the French drinking red wine and its impact on less heart disease the French experience. He made the point that it was more due to the walking culture and elongated meals with friends and families. He said the wine plays a role when taken in moderation, but the French walked to dinner and back home eating a 2 to 3 hour meal over conversation with people you like. In her case, her day was planned out and routine. The red wine helped, along with the banana (nature’s perfect food) and the beer which has a lot of nutrients. I think the routine helped with the stress relief as well. That and the Southern Comfort. I knew I should have not quit drinking. BTG


  4. I’d rather live while I have time, rather than live for a long time but not be able to do what I want.


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