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Ovation: Luke Bryan Received Validation.


Luke-Bryan1It’s wonderful to receive recognition for your work.  To some extent, and in any field, recognition and validation go hand in hand.  Be it an award for perfect attendance, highest sales or Employee of the Year, have the support of your peers may often help drive you to the next stage of your career.  Many of us have a trophy or certificate of some sort tucked away to remind us that our work has value.

For most of us, when achievements are recognized, it’s an intimate event with no more than a few classmates, family or colleagues in attendance.  Occasionally, there might be a reporter in the back of the room or a photographer milling about in case something truly interesting happens that could be considered newsworthy.  Unless, of course, you’ve chosen a career in the field of entertainment.

Performers appreciate recognition as much as anyone else however, as entertainers, they often are called upon to accept their praise in a highly public and usually televised celebration.  The number of awards shows in a given year is testament to the industries unending need to validate its own work.

Last Sunday, the Academy of Country Music Awards broadcasted its annual awards celebration.  Many artists were recognized but the biggest surprise of the event was the announcement that fans had voted to recognize Luke Bryan as Entertainer of the Year.  Bryan’s win was a surprise upset as was chosen above some of country music’s most popular performers including Miranda Lambert, who had won multiple awards throughout the evening, Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean and two-time entertainer of the year Taylor Swift.

Bryan, 36, recently began headlining his first arena tour and served as one of the co-hosts of this year’s show.

“I don’t know what to say guys.  Thank you so much fans for doing this to me.  Thank you so much for making my life what it is.  What I always wanted to be was just a country singer who got to ride on a tour bus and show up on a new stage and play music every night.” – Luke Bryan

Bryan is the first man to win the award since 2007 when Kenny Chesney won the first fan-voted award (Swift and Carrie Underwood have each won the award twice since then.) and, possibly, the mostly humbly surprised.  It appeared to me that he was genuinely grateful and moved by the award.

I think it’s important to receive recognition for a job well done.  Furthermore, it’s essential that any praise you receive be welcomed with humility and grace.  Luke Bryan conveyed both to an enormous audience last Sunday when he accepted his award after such a relatively short time in the spotlight.


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  1. I loved his reaction! He was totally genuine and absolutely charming! I also loved Miranda Lambert’s reaction when they announced he was the winner – she was so happy for him she was crying.


  2. Didn’t watch the show, but I think it’s great when an underdog/unknown wins!


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