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Ovation: The Loving Sound Of Wind Chimes.


wind_chimesMy grandparents’ two-car garage was destroyed by a tornado in June of 1976.  Behind their home, they decided to rebuild a one-car garage and a covered patio on the concrete slab that was spared by the storm.  They took great pride in their patio.  They covered the floor with grass-like outdoor carpeting, installed a wooden swing and lined its edges with colorful annuals and flowers grown from seeds.  The would hang baskets of flowers from the eaves and spend hours in lawn chairs and rockers waving to their neighbors as they passed by and enjoying each other’s company.

They also had a wind chime.  It was a small wind chime, broken and repaired time and again by my grandfather’s clever hands, and it hung from a cup hook deep under the patio’s roof removed from the path of high winds.  On their peaceful street in an older part of town you could hear birds singing and the sound of that small wind chime throughout their yard.

One spring years ago, while visiting an outdoor artisan festival I purchased a rather large wind chime of my own.  It was quite expensive but the chimes were made from a quality material and each was tuned so that, when struck simultaneously, they would sound as if they were almost singing.  The strings are strong and the clapper is meticulously honed and signed by the artist.  Because of its size, it was determined that it would have from the eave of our house’s roof, on the second floor just beyond the reach of our deck.  It hung there, peacefully, for several weeks that spring.  Until the first warm day of summer when the fan within the air conditioning unit on the ground beneath it whirred to life and created a maelstrom of wind that created quite a racket.

Lesson learned … Never hang your wind chime above your air conditioner.

It was quickly determined that we could not enjoy outdoor living until we found a different place to display our wind chime.

When my grandparents passed away, and the family gathered to help ready their home for market, their tiny wind chime was rescued for me.  For many years, every time I heard it I would think of them.  But time has once again taken its toll on that tiny wind chime and now it needs to be repaired again.  I’ll figure out a way to bring it back to life.

I’m determined to hear that sound again.


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  1. Lene permalink

    What a wonderful blog. I can picture the house, yard, swing and chimes like it was yesterday. Thanks so much for starting my day with that in mind.


  2. Good luck repairing your grandparents’ wind chime. I love wind chimes too and have one hanging near my hammock in my garden.


  3. Hubby & I have always had wind chimes! I love the melodic sound they emit. They also warn of approaching storms. Hubby has had to repair our current chime a number of times.


  4. Great story and what a nice memory. Good luck on re-chiming.


  5. The way you wrote it make me visualize everything you were talking about. Nice post!



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