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Diatribe: Please Keep Your Driveway Out Of The Road.


DrivewayI grew up in a home situated on a corner lot of a small but beautiful subdivision.  Our yard had public sidewalks on two sides with a swatch of lawn between the sidewalk and the curb that we called the “parkway”.  This strip of land, while not deeded to us a part of our property, was ours to maintain and my family worked hard to see that it was just as beautiful as the rest of our lawn.  Everyone in the neighborhood cared for the piece of property that bordered the street in front of their house as if it was their own.  There was little to no controversy surrounding these easements.

Now, on my daily commute, I pass a home that is built on the side of a steep hill much higher than the road on which I travel.  The people who own this home have chosen to install a gravel driveway.  The end of their driveway coincides with a rather extreme curve in the road where traffic flows downhill at a rapid pace.  Every time the area experiences significant rainfall, this driveway washes onto the road causing an eight- to twelve-inch speed bump to appear across the road.  There is literally no time for a driver to see the surprise pile of debris with sufficient time to adjust their speed.  Many cars have bounced over this mess and I can only assume that much damage to these vehicles has resulted.

Imagine using a slow plow to push all the snow piled in your driveway by a big storm out into the road … this is the state of affairs every time it rains in the area.

I think they people who own this house, much like my family did long ago, should be responsible for maintaining the area at which their driveway meets the road.  It is often weeks after a storm passes by before the gravel is removed from the roadway and the danger of accidents has passed.

Have you ever encountered a consistently dangerous road condition like this?


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  1. In lots of places where I have lived we get a lot of snow in winter. People often take the snow from the bottom of their driveway & shovel it back into the street rather than shovelling it onto their lawn. This can cause some pretty bumpy patches if there is a delay with the snow plows.


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