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Ovation: The Remember Ring.


Remember-Ring-Alarm-Clock-1-566x274My grandfather was a notorious note carrier.  He only wore shirts with pockets so that he could carry a pencil with him at all times to jot down thoughts, ideas, names, addresses, etc.  The wallet that he carried in his back pants pocket had so many scraps of paper in it that he left a divot in the seat of his car and rubbed the finish off of his piano bench.  His system worked.  He never forgot ANYTHING.

I, on the other hand, will forget just about anything.  I used to think that I was, perhaps, absent minded and convinced myself that I forgot little things because I was concentrating on big things.  I don’t believe that has ever been the case.  I’m simply forgetful.  It’s time for me to own up to it.

PostItNotesI use a lot of Post-It notes.  I try to use the calendar on my Smartphone to keep up with things but it beeps and buzzes so often that I find myself ignoring it more often than not.  People like me could be the target market for the new Remember Ring.

The Remember Ring uses patent pending Hot Spot technology which will heat the interior surface of the ring to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to cause discomfort but not hot enough to burn.  Twenty-four hours prior to the alarm, the ring will begin to heat up for ten seconds every hour, all day long, making it difficult to ignore.

This new technology, known as micro thermopile, converts the heat from your hand into electricity to keep the battery charged and the microchip clock running perpetually.  The ring is maintenance free, water proof and impact resistant.  Unfortunately, the ring can only be programmed for one date.

Seven different styles in 14k yellow or white gold are available but only in sizes 10-13.  The ring is currently in pre-order stages and the retail price per ring is $760.00.

Perhaps, once the technology is refined to the point that the cost of the ring can come down, there will be a market for the stylish reminder device.  I love the concept but $760.00 buys a LOT of Post-It Notes so I won’t be buying a Remember Ring any time soon.

Would you wear a Remember Ring?  Or is it a stupid waste of money?


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  1. Let’s see …. do i wanna wear a piece of jewelry that will increase in temperature and, in case of a malfunction, burn my skin, just because I need to remember the dry cleaning?
    Where was I?


  2. thedogs'mother permalink

    I want a chip in each child and The Engineer – just like the ones we have in the dogs. 🙂


  3. Is this the modern day version of the strings on fingers that Uncle Billy used in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”


  4. This wouldn’t work for me – I have hot flashes so I wouldn’t even feel the ring most of the time 🙂


  5. Um… it’s called the REMINDER function on your iPhone. And Calendar. And alarm features. All built into technology that you already carry every day.

    What a f*ckin’ waste.


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