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Ovation: No Knives On Planes For Now.


KnivesOnPlanesLike many who travel, I often get frustrated at the security checkpoints in our nation’s airports.  Also, like many who travel, I’ve learned what to expect and how to be prepared.  For example, I will NEVER go to an airport without wearing socks, I pack as much as possible into my checked luggage and carry very little with me onto the plane.  While I’m annoyed that I can’t bring a normal-sized bottle of shampoo on a plane with me, I understand why weapons including knives are not allowed.

The Transportation Security Administration has announced that a policy that would allow passengers to carry small knives, bats and other sports equipment onto airlines has been delayed to accommodate feedback from an advisory committee made up of aviation industry, consumer and law enforcement officials.

TSA officials proposed the policy change last month saying it would free up the agency to concentrate on protecting against greater threats.  It is estimated that airport screeners confiscate about 2,000 small folding knives from passengers every day.

The policy was to go into effect Thursday. The TSA’s statement said the delay was temporary, but no new date for implementation was provided.

The new policy has been fiercely opposed by flight attendants’ unions.  It appears to me that these are the very people to whom we should be listening.  These are the individuals who work, day after day, inside the aircraft at issue.  The TSA is responsible for the safety of not only civilian passengers but all the employees of the airline industry.

The conspiracy theorists who shout “slippery slope” at the drop of a hat might conclude that allowing small knives onto airplanes might lead to larger knives and, eventually, to firearms.  I think it’s important to remember why potentially dangerous items are no longer allowed on conventional aircrafts … because a few small box knives lead to the deaths of thousands.

What do you think?  Should passengers be allowed to bring knives onto planes?

UPDATE 06/12/13 – Why the TSA gave up on knives on planes.


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  1. How on earth can they say taking a “small” knife on a plane is acceptable yet taking more than 3-ounces of shampoo is illegal?
    Crazy talk.


  2. Anonymous permalink

    What happens to all the money, from the sale of stollen property, oops, I mean confiscated, property. Who gets that money..???


  3. When I first saw this I questioned the sanity of the agency. I agree that they should listen to the flight attendants. Someone with small knife mixed with alcohol, testosterone and attitude in a small area is not a recipe for anything good.


  4. thedogs'mother permalink

    The Engineer is the one who travels around here. I asked him about ‘small’ knives vs box cutters. He said it was the handle of the box cutters that made them dangerous – you could firmly grip the handles. My little swiss army knife would not allow that. That said he still thought any knife on board was not a good idea.


  5. No knives! I had a security checker stop me for having a pair of nail clippers in my purse as I was on my way to board a flight. It never occurred to me the nail file on the clippers could be considered dangerous. Rather than missing my flight, I allowed him to break off the nail file accessory. I don’t like to fly, but I feel safer in the air knowing none of my fellow passengers is carrying anything that might hurt me.


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