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Ovation: The Reunion of Mike Taylor And Love Love.


LoveLoveI’ve always had pets.  At one time or another I’ve had dozens of different animals living under my care.  I’ve had cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, turtles, frogs, birds, rabbits, goats, horses, ants and Sea Monkeys.  And until not too long ago, I’ve enjoyed an aquarium in my home.  There is only one pet on the list that I will never get again … a bird.

I’ve kept several birds in my lifetime the last of which was a cockatoo that I raised from a chick.  I fed that baby bird a messy yellow paste through a grimy syringe for weeks until it learned to peck at food on its own.  I nurtured it through an ugly feather-growing stage and cleaned up the ensuing mess in my home.  And then … then … I made the terrible mistake of teaching it to sing the theme song to The Andy Griffith Show.  It learned it well and it whistled all the time, day and night, and really loud.

Other people love their birds as if they are their children.  Mike Taylor, for example, got a large macaw from a sanctuary in Utah many years ago after it was rescued from a woman who reportedly beat it with a broom.  But the, five years ago, he lost his bird to his wife as part of a nasty divorce.  The ex-wife sold the bird but Taylor never stopped looking for it.

Thanks to an observant friend who recently spotted the bird at a Montana sanctuary, Taylor and the bird known as Love Love have been reunited.  The sanctuary founder was eventually convinced that the bird was, in fact, Taylor’s because he knew things about the bird that only a previous owner could have known, like it was blind in one eye, said “love love” and liked to play peek-a-boo.

The bird recognized Taylor right away.

“He’s himself again already, he really is.  I mean, he (didn’t) forget.” – Mike Taylor

Interestingly, Taylor also got the bird’s original cage back after searching on Craigslist.  A woman who obtained the contents of his ex-wife’s storage unit agreed to give him the cage at no charge.  I hope he’s sure about this … macaws can live up to fifty years or more!

With the exception of the chickens that live happily outside my home, I will never keep another bird as a pet.  After hearing the last one singing at all hours and cleaning up feathers from every nook and cranny, I’ve crossed “bird” off of my Bucket List for good.  As I get older, I find myself leaning more toward “outdoor pets” than house pets.

Have you ever kept a bird in your house?


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    You forgot to mention that monster cage you and grandpa made. It housed some doves, made it’s way to Wisconsin, where it housed finches. It outlasted all the birds.


  2. I’m a dog person through and through. I love having tropical fish but consider them more of a decoration then a pet. I’ve never seen the attraction to owning a bird and the amount of mess they create would be way too much for this virgo to handle.


  3. We’re a mostly Cat House–with the exception of one Pocket Dog–so birds might be a distraction.


  4. We had three birds, but it was a love triangle and two of the birds fought quite noisily. Since we had other pets, we gave them away as it was more annoying than pleasant. Now, we are down to two dogs, a cat and a lizard.


  5. When I was growing up, my parents had budgies – Peter & Paul. Long after I left home my parents acquired a parrot who was really, really mean to everyone but my dad. They had him for many years until my dad required surgery & was not going to be able to look after the parrot, so they gave it away to someone who would give it a good home. A few years later they got a cockatiel who was great with them, but didn’t like anyone else & kept him until they moved to a new place that would not accept pets at all. They also used to pet sit a parrot all winter long for many years (Stanley) who could call his name & say a few words. His owners were snowbirds who went south every winter. He was a very nice bird.


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