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Diatribe: Some Things Don’t Need To Be Revisited. I’ll Put “Boy Bands” On That List.


98-degrees-2013-650-430Have you ever been somewhere or done something so fantastic that you couldn’t wait to do it again only to realize that it wasn’t so wonderful after all?  Perhaps you visited Walt Disney World as a child, had the most fantastic adventures of your life, went a second time and thought it was silly?  Made a lot of fantastic memories on a white water rafting trip only to have a miserable time on a second outing?  It happens to me all the time.

Some things don’t need to be revisited.  I’ll put “boy bands” on that list.

1990s boy band 98 Degrees recently released a new single, “Girls Night Out” from their fifth studio album.  The new album, 2.0 is scheduled to be released on May 7th in advance of the group’s summer tour with other 90s boy bands Boyz II Men and NKOTB (formerly known as New Kids On The Block).

Reunited after many years apart to record 2.0, Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Jeff Timmons and Justin Jeffre continue to rely on complex harmonies and cleverly produced sounds to celebrate beautiful women in all their shapes and sizes.

But, try as they might, these men … now married, divorced, re-married and with children … can never again be a “boy band”.  And, to me, there’s something sad about trying to rekindle the success of one’s youth when, perhaps, well enough should be left alone.

Time will tell if 98 Degrees new album, and corresponding boy band tour, will be a success.  Perhaps there is a market of thirtysomethings willing to shell out the price of a ticket to relive a few minutes of their youth.

Will you?


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  1. I agree on the Boy Bands. One reason they were popular were Girl Fans who would loved their dance moves and did not care if they sang well. As everyone ages on both sides of the fence, I am sure the appeal wanes.


    • Exactly! It’s easy to understand the appeal of sexy, young, single men who can really sing and put on a show. I would think that they need to appeal to their existing audience and not rely on recruiting any new fans. I still think they should have left well enough alone.


  2. I think boy bands should remain in the memory only. Maybe they could become single artists or grow up a little?


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