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Diatribe: The Million-Dollar Chinese Rat-Meat Ring.


RatSandwichOver the years I’ve developed a distaste for food that has bones in it.  I’ve never been a fan of fresh fish for that very reason but I’ve grown to eating beef, pork and chicken that contains a bone as well.  I think the change began with a particularly nasty drumstick that really turned my stomach.  Or, perhaps, the fact that I keep backyard chickens has given me a new perspective.

Regardless, I’ve considered veganism on more than one occasion, and I might be considering it again soon … for certain if I find myself dining in China.

Police in China have put an end to a sixty-member crime ring that, since the end of January, has taken in more than one million dollars by selling meat from rats and other animals as mutton!  One suspect allegedly used additives to spice up the rat, fox and mink meat that was sold as lamb at markets in Shanghai and Jiangsu province.


“Food safety crimes are still prominent and new situations are emerging with new characteristics.” – China’s Ministry of Public Security via its website.

Food safety is a major issue in China where the population is often incredibly dense and public fear regarding cases of fake or toxic foods spreads quickly.  In recent months, for instance there was an outbreak of the bird flu virus and an instance of more than 16,000 rotting pig carcasses found floating in one of Shanghai’s main sources of water.

We used to joke that some restaurants served “Pigeon-On-A-Stick” or “Sweet and Sour Cat”.  Perhaps I found this amusing because I assumed that nothing like that could ever happen … people would never substitute vermin for food, right?

Most of us, I imagine, don’t really like to think about where our food actually comes from.  If it comes from the supermarket, we visualize someone wrapping it on a sparkling clean stainless steel counter wearing an apron and rubber gloves.  Rarely do we give any real thought to the actual origins of our food.

The more I think about it, the more I feel myself leaning toward veganism.  Have you ever considered it?


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    One thing I have stopped buying is products made with “pink slime”. That’s the stuff where all the chicken or pig parts that are left over, are ground up, chemicals added, and pressed into a slimy tube., then formed to look like chicken fingers, or pork riblets.


  2. I will never eat a Big Mac without looking at the meat again after your picture. This makes IKEA’s horsemeat story look even better. And, here we were complaining about the pink slime in our tacos from Taco Bell……


  3. I’m sure there’s a more extensive list somewhere, but this tells you where to buy pink-slime-free meat.
    And thanks for making my refusal to eat McDonald’s even more iron clad. That picture is just disturbing. 🙂


  4. I think I am leaning towards checking food labels more carefully to make sure I am not eating any food manufactured in China!


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