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Ovation: Five Silly Headlines From Yesterday’s News.

Mr. Balls

Mr. Balls

A headline can certainly capture one’s attention.  In the days of the printed newspaper, headlines would be printed extremely large on the front page to attract the attention of potential customers.  The idea of huge black words and, eventually, large colorful photos was usually successful.  But nowadays, when so many read the news online, a headline has to capture the reader’s attention in order for them to want to learn more.

Sometimes, those headlines can be accidentally humorous.  I notice, from time to time, a really clever or witty teaser and I’ll read the story.  Often, double entendre and puns are included in the headline to try to amuse potential readers.  But sometimes, the news itself is so preposterous that the headlines could write themselves.  Often, it appears, a hilarious headline is not intentional.

Yesterday was a day with what seemed to me an extraordinary amount of silly headlines.  These are the headlines that gave me the most giggles and guffaws …

Man Shoots Cousin Dressed As Skunk, Gets Probation

Disgruntled Customer Receives “Threatening Dildo” After In-Store Spat

Mr. Balls Is Here To Save Brazilians From Testicular Cancer

Undies Know When You Smoke

Why It May Be OK To Spit-Clean Your Baby’s Binkie.

Wow.  The stories aren’t necessarily funny but the headlines might give you the giggles.  Have you encountered many Silly Headlines?  If so, what was your favorite?


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Are these for real? Not Mad Magazine?


  2. I try to avoid the news like the plague lately because it is so depressing!


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