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Ovation: Cher’s Mother Makes The Billboard Charts.


Georgia Holt Honky Tonk WomanI had to write some music in college.  It was for an interesting course in which the students wrote and performed what was then called “Twentieth Century Music”.  There were many parameters within which we had to work for our final assignment the most difficult of which was the length of the composition.  I started the project several times before I ended up with something that I thought was creative enough to get a good grade.  But it wasn’t long enough.  I didn’t want to start over so I added a particularly harsh and loud chord at the very end and then wrote the music backwards.  My ten-minute piece became a twenty-minute work, more than enough to meet the criteria of the assignment, and I was commended for my creativity and “palindromic” writing style.

I’d pretty much forgotten about the music that I’d written all those years ago until I learned that Cher’s mother, Georgia Holt, appeared on this week’s Billboard charts for the first time in her life.  The 86-year-old landed at number thirteen on Billboard’s Heatseeker Albums chart with Honky Tonk Woman, a recording that she made in 1980 that features covers, original music and, of course, Cher.  One thousand units of the record were reportedly sold which was also enough to earn her the forty-third position on the Top Country Albums chart.

Cher-01Why now?  Holt had forgotten the music in her garage where the sessions, which featured members of Elvis Presley’s band, remained until their recent discovery.  Cher took the music to her musical director who polished them up and the success of the ten-song album was aided by Holt and Cher’s appearances on The Tonight Show, Good Morning America and Ellen.

Cher, who Twitter recently left for dead, has announced that she’s finished her latest CD, her first since 2001’ Living Proof which debuted at number nine on the Billboard chart.

I named the piece that I wrote in college Was It A Rat I Saw? (also a palindrome) and I explained that the horrible chord, which ended up being exactly in the middle of the piece, was the “rat”.  When listeners were asked listeners “Did you hear the rat?” they all said “Yes”.  Of course, many of them also “thought it was a mistake”.

Like Georgia Holt, I recently found my manuscripts in a box in the basement.  I flipped through the pages and remembered that the grade I had received was an “A” … not the Billboard Charts but still my personal best.


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  1. Amazing what you can find when you look for something, isn’t it?


  2. Let’s release it and see what happens. By the way, I would never count Cher out.


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