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Ovation: Barbara Walters’ Consistent Career.


abc_barbara_walters_130512_wblogThere’s something to be said for consistency.  Those who are consistent build and maintain a reputation.  If poor choices are consistently made, the reputation that results will not be a good one.  When positive personality traits are consistently displayed the resulting reputation will usually be successful.

Barbara Walters, for example, is an individual whose success in the field of television journalism could be related to her consistent approach to her work.  Walters, who has been on television consistently since 1961, has announced that she will retire next summer.

For decades, Walters has entertained and informed viewers with her extraordinary interviewing skills featured on programs including The Today Show, ABC News, 20/20, The View and many special programs like “Most Fascinating People” and her popular pre-Oscars specials.

“No one was more surprised than I.  I wasn’t beautiful, like many of the women on the program before me, [and] I had trouble pronouncing my R’s. I still do!” – Barbara Walters on her initial success.

In 1976, Walters became the first female anchor on an evening news program and, three years later, became a co-host of 20/20.  Her interviewing style was consistent regardless of her subject.  Over the years, because they knew what to expect from her, she was granted interviews with some of the most high-profile public figures – Fidel Castro, Anwar Sadat, Menachem Begin, Vladimir Putin, etc. – as well as more light-hearted, celebrity-focused discussions with the likes of Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise.

“I am very happy with my decision and look forward to a wonderful and special year ahead both on The View and with ABC News.  I created The View and am delighted it will last beyond my leaving it.” – Barbara Walters on her retirement

Until next summer, Walters will appear on The View, the show she created in 1997, and will continue to anchor and report for ABC News.  I imagine her work will remain as consistent as it has for more than fifty years.

I think it will be interesting to see who can take her place.


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  1. While I can admire her career, I am so glad she’s leaving The View. She is that annoying Grandma who thinks that every single story is directly related to her and that only her opinion matters.


  2. When you list the world leaders she has interviewed, it is one of the most, if not the most, impressive lists around. I remember when she interviewed the Shah of Iran and his wife before the coup that led to his demise. Walters asked a question about women being second class citizens and visibly evoked a response from the wife, although the wife had to be extremely careful with her words. Unfortunately, the celebrity interviews sold better, so she abandoned the world leader ones. That was emblematic of our lack of interest, not hers. I don’t care for the group talk shows as much, as their are too many voices at one time to be heard. She will be missed though. BTG


    • Of course, you’re right … She’s also a businesswoman and has to give her audience what they want. She certainly did interview some historic figures during the course of her career and has, actually, become one herself. It will be interesting to see if anyone can fill her shoes.


  3. I’m not sure anyone can replace her & I wonder if the networks will even try considering how few people actually watch TV news anymore. I think TV news (except local news) will soon be a thing of the past.


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