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Ovation: Donations Instead Of Wedding Gifts.


cartoon-couple-rotatedToday I went to a wedding ceremony that started at 10:30 a.m.  I’d never been invited to a morning wedding before so I worried for weeks about what I would wear and had no idea what to expect once I arrived.  It was a beautiful ceremony in a lovely building along the river with a city skyline as a backdrop.  The music was a jazz trio, they shared a Bloody Mary bar, red wine, white wine and champagne with their guests.  A wonderful brunch was served followed by cupcakes rather than a traditional wedding cake.  There was a bit of dancing and then, when the newlyweds were ready to leave, instead of throwing rice or bird seeds the revelers waived streamers.

Instead of gifts, the happy couple requested that guests make donations to a local humane society.  They made it easy for us by including a website in the invitation.  I appreciated this very much as searching for a wedding gift can be a daunting task.

This week, an unidentified man anonymously donated $25,000 to a Canadian animal shelter.  The mystery person dropped off an envelope at Ontario’s Humane Society of Durham Region that included the cash and a short note about helping others.  The shelter posted the following message on their Facebook page in response:

“Today a wonderful young man came into our shelter to make a donation. He wanted no tax receipt and didn’t want to leave his name. He just handed us an envelope and left. Inside this envelope was a note that said “Life is a lot more valuable than anything money can buy! All I ask is that you help a stranger one day, with no expectation of gain.” In the envelope was a bank draft for $25,000.”

The Humane Society of Durham region is a no-kill animal shelter that relies entirely on the charity of donors to fund its operations and has recently had to postpone surgeries due to a lack of funds.

“I don’t want anybody to know who I am.  I don’t want anything for this.  I just want to help.” – Anonymous

Today’s wedding wasn’t the first for either the bride or the groom.  They both have beautiful homes that they’ll be combining into one so they have duplicates of most traditional wedding gifts already.  Most guests at a function as nice as theirs want to give a gift.  I really appreciated the fact that they acknowledged this fact and provided us a way to give a meaningful gift.

Have you ever donated to charity instead of giving a gift?


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  1. Barneysday permalink

    Thanks for sharing this. I was particularly moved by the anonymous donor to the animal shelter. I think giving without a name is a wonderful idea, and I like to do it in my own, small way as often as I can. Animal shelters are facing dire times these days, and every little bit helps. Thanks for reminding me its time for another mailing.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. I, too, make small anonymous donations from time to time. Animal shelters appreciate every little bit from cash to old towels!

      Thanks for reading!


  2. Great story. Anonymous donations carry so much more meaning than the dollars. I have donated in lieu of a gift. I also like when the deceased prefers memorial donations in lieu of flowers. Thanks, BTG


  3. I have donated in lieu of flowers when someone I knew died & I recently won a prize in a raffle & I asked for the prize to be donated to the people the funds were being raised for instead of to me.


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