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Ovation: Some Bradys Return To King’s Island After Forty Years Pass.


BradyBunchI remember when The Brady Bunch aired on prime time but I learned to memorize each and every episode in reruns after school.  I grew to be a bit of a Brady Trivia nerd and knew all the names of the actors, characters and plot lines from the various seasons.  The series, which debuted in September 1969, aired for five seasons and ended in March 1974, was a family situation comedy that has yet to be equaled.

In November 1973, halfway through the final season, an episode titled “The Cincinnati Kids” aired for the first time.  In this episode, filmed the previous May, the Bradys travel to the then-new Kings Island Amusement park twenty-five miles north of Cincinnati, Ohio, where Mike’s company hopes to win the contract to build an addition to the park.  His chances are threatened when middle sister, Jan, unknowingly walks off with the plans, leaving her father with a poster of Yogi Bear.  The family then tries to retrace their steps when Jan finds the sketches and the family races to get them to their father before the project’s deadline.

Three of the “Brady Kids” returned to the park this week, nearly forty years after filming the episode, to commemorate the cast and fan favorite.

“The Kings Island episode is one of my favorite episodes from the Brady Bunch, right up there with the episode shot in Hawaii and the return of Johnny Bravo.” – Barry Williams, who played oldest Brady brother Greg.

The episode contained plenty of memorable moments.  Jan’s plaid pants!  Greg falling for a park employee and agreeing to parade around dressed in an animal costume!  Alice getting dizzy after swinging around in a giant beer barrel on a Tilt-A-Whirl type ride!  Bobby and Cindy eating, and eating, and eating!

Every time I see the Brady Bunch, it brings me back to a quiet afternoon sitting on the green shag carpeted floor of our “rec room” watching my favorite after-school show.

Are you a Brady Bunch fan?


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  1. Crush on Marsha like all young boys at the time.


  2. I was a Brady Bunch fan, but I moved away from the show before it ended because I was too old to enjoy the type of comedy in which they specialized.


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