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Diatribe: Please Don’t Blow Yard Clippings Into The Street.


ClippingsYesterday was a beautiful spring day.  Birds were chirping, rabbits running across the yard and all the flowers in our garden are about to bloom.  Many of our neighbors took advantage of the beautiful day to mow their lawns.  I saw neighbors working with push mowers, riding mowers and tractors all tending to their lawns with beautiful results.

I also saw several people blowing yard clippings into the street.

One of the first things my father taught me when I first learned to cut the grass, was to always be aware of the direction that the clippings were being thrown and be careful not to hurt anyone or damage anything.  This was particularly true along the side of the road.  Since those first lessons, I’ve always made an effort to be aware of passing cars so that the mower never throws rocks or stones at them.

One day, many years ago, I was driving through the neighborhood in my convertible when a stone from a neighbor’s mower hit me on the shoulder.  Ever since that day, whether using a mower or a trimmer, I always stop what I’m doing to let a car pass by so that I don’t throw any clippings or, possibly, rocks in its direction.

Are you aware of your surroundings when you mow?  Did you know that the practice of blowing clippings into the street is illegal in many instances?


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  1. The Engineer uses a mulching mower. He’d love to have a lawn big enough to require a riding lawn mower… more power!


  2. This is also one of my pet peeves. Yet, it goes even further. We pay people to use gas or electric fuel to blow grass off a sidewalk into the street. It is even worse when it is a windy day. This may be a metaphor in futility and waste. Thanks for sharing, BTG


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