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Ovation: Getting A Wireless Signal From A Blimp.


google_blimpMy commute to and from the office involves a stretch of two-lane road through some hills and hollows and there is a portion of the drive that passes through an area that does not receive a cell phone signal.  It’s hardly a remote location but it’s often a bit of a nuisance.  When I say the phrase “I’m going to say goodbye now before I lose my signal around the corner” many people think that I’m simply brushing them off.  But it’s true!  I really DO lose my signal!

According to the Wall Street Journal blind spots like mine may be non-existent in the future.  The newspaper is reporting that Google, Inc. is reportedly testing blimps that will provide wireless signals to parts of the world where there is no Internet access or where there’s only spotty, slow access.

Google is reportedly working on special balloons or blimps, known as high-altitude platforms, to transmit signals to an area of hundreds of square miles.  While Google may be testing such a system it’s possible that it will never come to market.

The technology could be quite useful even now.  For instance, when tornadoes destroyed parts of Oklahoma earlier this month access in the area was at a premium.  Google would do well to have several blimps available to respond to emergencies by restoring connectivity.

I’m not sure, exactly, what the difference between this technology and that using satellites might be but, either way, it would be wonderful if someone would send a blimp to give me a signal during the stretch of my commute where my friends think I hang up on them.


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  1. We have blind spots here in the city, it is called inconsistent internet service. I tell our kids the system hiccuped. Maybe you can fly your own little blimp….Happy Hump Day. BTG


  2. Sending the blimps to disaster sites (black out areas too) is a brilliant idea. You should Tweet or email it to them – as smart as those guys are, sometimes they miss the obvious.


  3. I just took my own idea, if it brings me fame and fortune I’ll share the credit with you, and tweeted Googe Developers and FEMA.


  4. What a great idea between you & justajeepguy! I hope Google & FEMA follow up on this! When we lived in NW Ontario there was a huge block of area where there was no cell service & of course it was very remote & so exactly where you would want to have cell service in case you hit a moose or your car broke down! Even on the Transcanada Hwy. there was a stretch from Kenora to Thunder Bay where you didn’t get cell service for ages. Then Dryden (about half way) put in private cell service, so you could pick up a signal for a little bit, but very expensive if you didn’t belong to their private plan.


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