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Diatribe: Fifty-One Cats In A One-Bedroom Apartment.


Stone-Taylor-12Spr-Illu213-Sanchez-A2-New Yorker Cover-Cat HoardOne cat lives in my house.  He’s been a part of my world for almost seventeen years, many of which were spent hiding only to appear in the middle of the night to annoy me.  His life of luxury consists of eating, filling his little box, screaming for more food, shedding and throwing up.  I love him very much and will miss him when he’s gone.  I cannot, however, imagine the possibility of sharing my home with fifty others just like him.

Last Friday, in a case of extreme animal hoarding, fifty cats were rescued from a woman’s one-bedroom Halifax, Nova Scotia apartment.  The woman had been caring for a total of fifty-one cats, including newborn kittens and possibly pregnant adults when her landlord discovered the animals and contacted the Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia.  Volunteers removed all but one cat from her home.

The woman cooperated fully with the “cat-vacuation” and the animals are all receiving adequate care.  As one might expect, the thought that she was doing the right thing, as most animal hoarders do, by caring for all the animals.  All fifty cats were brought to a temporary shelter where they will be spayed and neutered, at a cost of up to $2,000.00, before being put up for adoption.  Donations to help offset the expense are being accepted at the team’s website.

The woman will not face any criminal charges.

I love my cat, and most animals in general, but I can’t imagine maintaining any level of sanity with the sounds, smells and expense of fifty-one cats in my home.  After learning of this woman and her cat collection, I’ll think twice about complaining the next time I clean a litter box or haul home cat food.

How many pets do you think is too many?


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  1. We had seven cats and a dog in Miami, but we had a much larger house than that woman.
    Sadly, all those pets have gone on to their Great Reward, and now we have just three cats and a dog.
    But, seven doesn’t seem like so many when you’ve done it once …..


  2. Maybe she thought she was a cat. We have one cat and two dogs. That is plenty (just the cost of upkeep must be enormous).


  3. I think 2 to 3 pets is the absolute maximum for any household before the inmates start running the zoo!


  4. Our city allows three animals of either type. We have two dogs. We’ve had up to three but Tar is 120 of dufous-y labrador so he counts for two on his own.


  5. What the hell is up with the landlord? I am a landlord and I would know the minute one of my tenants brought home cat number three. I would smell it. (I have two dogs, and two cats. The cats live outside though.)


    • Seriously! And, possibly, other tenants or neighbors. Even if she kept the apartment spotlessly clean someone would have noticed her bringing tons of kitty litter in and out.


  6. Ewwww.

    One dog is often more than I can handle!


  7. I’ve got two dogs and a fish. It’s a lot of work. I love them though 😉


    • Pets are wonderful! I can’t remember a time when I didn’t share my home with at least one. (I kept a small aquarium in my dorm room when I went to college.)

      Thanks for reading!


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