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Diatribe: Wine In Cans.


WineInCansI, occasionally, enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner.  I think it makes a meal feel extra special when I get to sip between bites.  It slows me down and allows me time to enjoy what I’m eating.  I’ve toured several wineries and learned a little about grapes but I’m by no means a wine aficionado … I probably couldn’t tell the difference between a $15 glass and a $75 glass.  I’m reasonably certain, however, that a quality wine is not served in a can.

Starting this week, low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines will offer passengers white moscato or strawberry moscato wine in aluminum cans from Friends Fun Wine, an Aventura, Florida company.  Spirit will continue to sell mini bottles of Sutter Home wine.

Spirit, known for charging extra fees, likes the cans because they are easy to stack and store on airplanes with notoriously limited storage space.  The cans also weigh less and, like most airlines, Spirit is constantly looking for ways to make their planes lighter to save on fuel costs.

Some passengers are skeptical.

“My wine consumption stops at a plastic bottle.  I just don’t want that metallic taste in my mouth.” – Ben Granucci, airline passenger from New York.

The cans of wine are larger than the existing bottles – 250 millilitres versus 187 – but are only six percent alcohol.  Sutter Home is thirteen percent.  Cans will cost seven dollars each or two for twelve dollars.

Spirit, which charges three dollars for a drink of water and thirty-five dollars to store a bag in the overhead bin, is confident that they’ll be able to sell the wine.

“People adapt.  Your choices at 30,000 feet are pretty limited.” – Ben Baldanza, CEO, Spirit Airlines.

Personally, I won’t be buying any wine on any planes any time soon.  It doesn’t matter if it’s in a can or not.  For me, the worst part of flying is a need to use the bathroom in the sky.  I make a point of avoiding liquids for hours before my flight!

Would you buy wine in a can?


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  1. Only after they pry my box-o-wine out of my cold, dead hands.


  2. I love me some wine, and i’m sure that some wine in a can MIGHT be good, but it’s just the aesthetic of popping the top off a can that displeases me.

    That said, Coppola Winery does have a lovely sparkling wine, Sofia, that comes in a can, so there is a precedence …… ?


  3. Mary b permalink

    It took me forever to get to box wine. Poverty has a lot to do with it. Lol
    But wine in a can. No popping way.


  4. Like you, I dread using the bathroom on a plane so no drinking for me!


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