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Ovation: Lloyd Chen’s $3,000,000.00+ College Scholarships.


lloydchenLike many students, I started thinking seriously about college in my junior year of high school.  I took all the standardized tests with my classmates and completed applications for all the available scholarships.  I received a small scholarship to my first choice of colleges and my future was planned.  I always hoped that I’d go to college and because I had planned ahead, taken college-prep courses and my future path had been outlined, my senior year wasn’t particularly challenging.  I was able to work two jobs to save for college expenses.

I was very proud of the scholarship that I’d been awarded.  I can’t imagine what it must be like for Lloyd Chen, 17, who’s received nearly three million dollars from nine elite universities bidding to have him as part of their freshman class in the fall.

This spring Chen received full scholarships to Harvard, Yale, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego and UC Davis.  All of the schools to which he applied granted him admission, but he chose Harvard, the school that he’d always dreamed of attending.

Chen, the valedictorian of Laguna Creek High School’s class of 2013, graduated on May 30th with a GPA of 4.79.

“It is your choice to have a fulfilling life as it puts the burden on you, but it also gives you the power to do something about it.  So do it.” – Lloyd Chen, Valedictorian, Laguna Creek High School Class of 2013.

While his accomplishments are unique for any student, they’re even more impressive because of his life at home.  His father left his mother, two sisters and one-year-old Lloyd shortly after his parents emigrated from the South Korea.  Due to health problems, his mother is unable to work and, for the past couple years, Lloyd assumed the role of her caretaker after his older sisters moved away to college.

“I’ve never met anyone who’s had so many things going against them, who’s risen above them all.” – Alycia Sato, Chen’s high school counselor.

After Harvard, Chen plans to earn a masters degree.  Amazingly, he was also awarded the Gates Millennium Scholarship which will pay his tuition, room and board, and book fees through graduate school.  He also plans to use some of the Gates scholarship funds to cover extra costs at Harvard so he won’t have to find a job when he moves to Cambridge in the fall.

Chen has expressed interest in studying economics, psychology and perhaps engineering.  I imagine he could be successful in any of these fields.  He sounds like Dr. Sheldon Cooper from CBS’s The Big Bang Theory!

I suspect we’ll hear his name again in the future.


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  1. Dayum.

    That’s all I got.


  2. What a great way to start the morning. Thanks D&O!


  3. Great story. He is probably more well rounded than people three times his age with the challenges he’s had. We will read more about him in the future. Thanks, BTG


  4. thedogs'mother permalink

    I loves a happy ending!


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