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Diatribe: Three Hospitalized By Hot Sauce Prank.


HotSauceI can’t eat hot peppers.  We keep no hot sauce in our home.  When I order cheese dip in a restaurant I request “no jalapenos”.  If I go out for wings I get BBQ, never “hot wings”.  I have an uncle who prides himself on being able to eat the hottest foods but I start to sweat when I just think about it.  Firehouse Subs offers guests their choice of up to fifty hot sauces in each restaurant!

Eating hot peppers like habneros or jalapenos is, usually, not dangerous.  In fact, they contain plenty of health benefits and vitamins.  What can cause problems is Capsaicin, a potent oil found in the seeds of peppers.  Capsaicin can cause burning on the tongue and in the mouth, can have negative digestive effects in the intestines and stomach and can aggravate preexisting ulcers and digestive disorders.  Another side effect can come after cleaning hot peppers when the oil remains on one’s hands.  If you ever touch your eyes or face you’ll feel an extraordinary pain including the possibility of skin blisters.

If you’re not used to eating hot peppers, they can wear you out!

Last month, students in a Chicago area high school complained to cafeteria staff when it was discovered that someone had spiked a jar of the school’s marinara sauce with Da Bomb Hot Sauce, a brand that prides itself on its near toxicity.  When the staff investigated the offending spaghetti, three of them ended up in the hospital with symptoms of coughing, wheezing and skin rashes.  They didn’t eat the sauce, they suffered reactions simply from inhaling its fumes!

Everyone knows that pepper spray irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain and temporary blindness.  Police use it in riot and crowd control and many women carry it for personal safety because it causes temporary blindness and an opportunity to escape an assailant.  Imagine what it might do to a plate of pasta!  Many extreme hot sauces contain as much “heat” as pepper sprays.

Police and school officials have only recently revealed the May 14 incident, saying they’ve arrested the student they suspect was the prankster.  He’ll be charged as a juvenile with misdemeanor battery.

Not such an innocent prank after all.  Did you know that too much hot sauce could send you to the hospital?


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  1. I am in awe at the stupidity of people.
    Prank my ass.
    Like Nana always said, ‘It’s always fun til someone loses an eye.’


  2. You have to be careful with more then you eyes and face! My BF failed to wash his hands after slicing a bunch of peppers and went to the bathroom to pee….NOW that was painful. We laughed about it later and learned a lesson we’ll never forget. PAY IT FORWARD!


  3. Like you, I cannot even contemplate “hot” dishes. Hubby likes things hot enough to make the hair on his head tingle!


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